10 Jobs That Will Hire You With a Misdemeanor

10 Jobs That Will Hire You With a Misdemeanor [2023]

If you have felony convictions and extensive criminal history, it will be challenging to get most jobs.

However, misdemeanor convictions are a different story.

If so, you might think your criminal background and criminal past are holding you back from job prospects.

When you’re looking for jobs, it’s natural to worry about what potential employers will think of your criminal record. You might even be thinking… “Will jobs hire you with a misdemeanor?”

It probably seems like jobs that will hire you with a misdemeanor are few and far between.

The truth is that there are jobs out there that will hire you with a misdemeanor.

What’s the Difference Between Felony Convictions and a Misdemeanor Convictions?

Felony and misdemeanor are classifications of crimes that are used to differentiate the severity of an offense in the eyes of the criminal justice system. In general, a crime is classified as a felony if it is more serious than a misdemeanor.

Felony convictions are types of criminal offenses that are considered to be more serious than a misdemeanor, convicted in a criminal court, and typically carries a more severe punishment, such as imprisonment for more than a year, a fine, or both. Examples of felony convictions can include murder, robbery, and burglary.

A misdemeanor conviction, on the other hand, is a less serious criminal offense that usually carries a lighter punishment, such as a fine, community service, or imprisonment for less than a year. Examples of misdemeanors include disorderly conduct, petty theft, and simple assault.

It’s worth noting that the definitions and classifications of a felony conviction and misdemeanors can vary between states and jurisdictions, but generally, the distinction between the two is based on the severity of the crime and the potential punishment.

What Will Help Getting You a Job?

Here are some things you can do to make it easier for yourself to get a job over other job applicants.

  • Get your high school diploma
  • Get your commercial driver’s license
  • Apply for federal student aid to go back to school
  • Go to trade school
  • Have a clean driving record
  • Pass a drug test

The more qualifications you can get the better your chances of getting a job. This is a fact regardless of whether you have a misdemeanor criminal record or not.

10 Jobs That Will Hire You With a Misdemeanor (2023)

Criminal records can be challenging to overcome – but not impossible. We’ve compiled a list of 10 jobs that will hire you with misdemeanor convictions.

Check them out below.

#1 – Freelance Anything

freelance anything

All freelance jobs are available to those with a misdemeanor.

Can you guess why?

You’re the boss!

These jobs are perfect for working from home in your pajamas if you so choose.

You’ll be able to choose your hours and work as much or as little as you want to.

The easiest way to get started will be to use a platform like Fiverr.

Fiverr is a marketplace where people from around the world can offer services starting from $5. It is very popular among freelancers because of its wide variety of offerings. The service providers range from graphic designers to voice actors and much more.

Average Salary: $67,169

#2 – Customer Service

10 Jobs That Will Hire You With a Misdemeanor

Suppose you have experience working in customer service. In that case, there are probably plenty of companies that will hire you with a misdemeanor.

Sometimes these jobs do not require a background check, and the hiring process can be done entirely over the phone or through email.

You might even get the added perk of working from home.

As we learned above, you get to work in your pajamas if you’d like!

All of this makes customer service jobs perfect for those hesitant to apply for jobs due to their criminal record.

Average Salary: $34,158

#3 – Server


Many restaurants will hire you as a server with a misdemeanor.

Since servers are the ones interacting with customers, they have a lot of opportunities to make good money from tips.

It is important for them to be friendly, attentive, and offer excellent customer service to make good money.

However, it’s important to note that some restaurants may not be willing to take on the risk of hiring someone who has been convicted of multiple misdemeanors.

Suppose this is a job you’re interested in. In that case, we recommend inquiring with restaurants in your local area to see what their company policies are.

Average Salary: $23,740

#4 – Content Writer

content writer

Companies will most likely hire you if you have experience as a content writer.

Content writing jobs typically require creativity and the ability to write engagingly.

Content writers typically get paid by the word.

Unfortunately, these jobs don’t usually pay very well unless they’re done on a contract or for larger companies.

You can also choose to operate as a freelancer and work for yourself.

As we mentioned above, Fiverr is the best place to get started as a freelancer in today’s market.

Average Salary: $54,113

Click here to get a job with a misdemeanor.

#5 – Photographer


Photography can be a great choice if you have a criminal record.

A photographer captures images of places and events using a camera.

A photographer might be a freelancer or someone who works for a newspaper, magazine, or other publication.

This profession requires creativity, artistic ability, and the willingness to travel or set up shoots in different locations.

If you’re unable to find gigs in your local area it can sometimes be easier to find gigs online.

Average Salary: $49,353

#6 – Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant

Another option for those with a misdemeanor is to become a virtual assistant.

Jobs as a virtual assistant are becoming more and more available since the internet has become such an integral part of our lives.

The daily tasks of a virtual assistant are done on the computer, via email, and over the telephone.

Much like customer service jobs, these positions typically don’t require background checks or in-person interviews.

These jobs usually pay hourly and offer flexible hours.

This site provides a marketplace where you can find people eager to hire a virtual assistant today.

Average Salary: $43,229

#7 – Video Editor

10 Jobs That Will Hire You With a Misdemeanor

Jobs are available for those with misdemeanors in the video editing industry.

Most video editing jobs require some experience. Many involve traveling or working odd hours on set.

As long as you have the experience, there are usually job openings in this field for those with misdemeanors.

High-paying jobs will depend on your level of skill and education.

But we’re sure there are jobs out there that will hire you if you have the experience!

If not, then freelance gigs might be your best option for making money as a video editor.

You can find freelance gigs as a video editor here.

Average Salary: $49,303

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#8 – Translator


If you’ve got a talent for languages, there might be companies that will hire you even if you have a misdemeanor.

Translation jobs are usually done over the phone or through email. They can pay well, depending on your level of expertise.

The beauty of these jobs is that they don’t require any face-to-face contact.

Keep in mind that translation can be done from home or while you’re on the go, should your schedule allow it!

However, please note that jobs translating legal documents usually require additional qualifications and training.

Your criminal record might not allow for this type of translation.

Average Salary: $51,175

#9 – Web Developer

web developer

Every industry needs web developers.

So even if you have a criminal record, a career in web development might be your best bet for employment!

But keep in mind that jobs specifically focusing on HTML and CSS require creativity.

If this type of job interests you, then we recommend looking into coding jobs in your area.

These jobs have a wide range of pay and demand different levels of experience, but most will require you to be skilled/experienced.

It’s also essential to go to some developer boot camps to network and improve your skills.

Average Salary: $60,752

#10 – Transcriptionist


Another opportunity is to become a transcriptionist.

There are plenty of jobs available in this field, and it doesn’t require any face-to-face contact!

Transcription jobs are great if you’re looking to work from home or need something part-time.

They can pay well, too – usually hourly, with the pay increasing the more jobs you complete.

This type of job is great for someone with a criminal record because they are available worldwide where certain restrictions don’t apply!

Average Salary: $46,969

Bottom Line: Will Jobs Hire You With a Misdemeanor?

Bottom Line

The answer depends on what type of crime it was and each company’s policy.

They might not consider hiring you if it’s something like theft or assault.

But suppose it’s something like loitering or marijuana possession. In that case, most companies probably won’t turn you down for an interview just because of a single offense.

However, there are exceptions based on company policy.

Our suggestion is not to let your misdemeanor get in the way of your job search.

Always be upfront and honest about your past, and you’ll be surprised by prospective employers by the respect you’ll receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a misdemeanor ruin my life?

No, but it will make life a little more complicated.

How do jobs know if I have a misdemeanor?

It’s usually in the application section of your resume or cover letter.

What should I say when asked about my misdemeanors?

Be honest and upfront with them. You’ll be surprised by how much respect you’ll get from employers who are looking past your mistakes to give you an opportunity for success!

When did background checks for jobs start?

It’s been happening for a while but became more popular in the 1990s after jobs started requiring applicants to fill out applications with personal information.

Will a background check show an arrest?

No, they usually show convictions.

Will my criminal record make it hard for me to get a job?

It depends. If you have a criminal record, jobs may or may not be available to you depending on the type of crime it is that is on your record.

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