10 Jobs to Get if You Love Reading

10 Jobs to Get if You Love Reading

Are you wondering what jobs you can get if you love reading?

Reading is one of the most popular hobbies in the world.

Jobs that involve reading are plentiful.

Whether it be a content editor, book reviewer, or librarian- there are many jobs for people who love to read!

This blog post will look at 10 jobs related to books that you could get if you love reading.

10 Jobs to Get if You Love Reading

10 Jobs to Get if You Love Reading - Librarian

#1 – Librarian

What does a librarian do? 

A librarian helps organize the library, purchase new books to add to the collection, and gets readers interested in reading.

Librarians also help teach children about literacy skills!

What do you need to become a librarian? 

It’s best if you have a bachelor’s degree in library science or another academic discipline.

A master’s degree is also helpful, but not necessary!

How much do librarians earn?

 Salaries for librarians vary, but they typically start at around $40,000 per year.

#2 – Content Editor

What does a content editor do?

Content editors are in charge of reading and editing content for books, magazines, and other publications.

They check facts to make sure everything is accurate, organize the presented material, and ensure it flows appropriately.

Content editors also polish up grammar mistakes!

What do you need to become a content editor?

You’ll want to have a bachelor’s degree or higher in a related field.

You’ll also want to have excellent writing skills, the ability to read quickly and thoroughly, be able to work independently as well as collaboratively with others and have strong grammar knowledge.

How much do content editors earn?

Content editors typically start at around $40,000 – $50,000 per year.

10 Jobs to Get if You Love Reading - Author

#3 – Author

What does an author do?

An author writes books for a living.

They come up with the book idea, research and write the manuscript, work on publishing deals, promote their book to publishers or agents- all to get it published!

As an author, you’ll need to read and re-read what you write to correct it.

What do you need to become an author? 

Suppose you want people to take you seriously. In that case, you should have a bachelor’s degree and work experience in the field you plan to write about.

How much do authors earn? 

It’s impossible to predict how much an author will earn. Some earn nothing – some earn millions!

#4 – Lawyer

What does a lawyer do?

Lawyers represent clients, advise them on legal issues and provide counsel.

They are in charge of finding the best legal solution to a client’s specific situation.

They can help with contentious matters, real estate transactions, and more!

When lawyers are not in court, they are often reading through legal documents and laws.

What do you need to become a lawyer?

You should have an undergraduate degree or higher and law school training for admission into your state bar association.

How much do lawyers earn?

Lawyers typically earn over $100,000 per year.

10 Jobs to Get if You Love Reading - Translator

#5 – Translator

What does a translator do?

A translator translates written text from one language to another.

Translators translate all sorts of material, from fiction books and scientific articles to instruction manuals and more!

Some translations might take only an hour, while others can take years.

What do you need to become a translator?

You should have excellent written and spoken English skills, as well as knowledge of the language you want to translate into.

How much do translators earn?

Translators can make over $50,000 per year!

#6 – Book Reviewer

What does a book reviewer do?

A book reviewer reads books (typically new releases) and offers their opinion on them.

Book reviewers often write about what they liked, disliked, or found interesting in the text!

They also offer recommendations for other books to read if you like the particular one they are reviewing.

What do you need to become a book reviewer? 

No previous experience is required at all.

You need to enjoy reading and have an opinion to share.

How much do book reviewers earn?

It’s impossible to predict how much a reviewer will earn – some make nothing while others can make over $200,000 per year!

Audiobook Narrator

#7 – Audiobook Narrator

What does an audiobook narrator do?

An audiobook narrator reads a written text out loud for recording.

This recording will later be turned into an audiobook for people to listen to.

The narrator has to make sure they speak clearly, with emotion and personality.

It’s a lot of work – but it can be enriching!

What do you need to become an audiobook narrator?

You should have excellent reading skills as well as acting experience or at least voice acting skills.

How much do audiobook narrators earn?

Audiobook narrators can earn between $50 to $250 per hour of recording.

This can add up to a very decent income if you’re able to find consistent work.

#8 – Archivist

What does an archivist do?

An archivist collects and organizes records of past events.

They can collect any type of material, including photos, documents, e-mails, and video recordings.

Archivists keep these materials organized, so they’re easily accessible to others in the future!

The job requires a lot of reading because archivists need to know what documents contain.

What do you need to become an archivist? 

An undergraduate degree in history, library science, or a related field is required for this job. Experience is also a plus.

How much do archivists earn? 

Archivists can make between $50,000 – $90,000 a year.


#9 – Teacher

What does a teacher do?

Teachers help teach children and adults about different subjects.

They might instruct on things like math, science, literature, or languages.

A teacher needs to have excellent teaching skills as well as the ability to be creative!

Specifically, suppose you decide to become an English or literature teacher. In that case, you will be spending a lot of your time reading texts and student papers.

What do you need to become a teacher? 

You will need an undergraduate degree in the subject you want to teach or a degree in teaching.

How much do teachers earn? 

Teachers can make anywhere from $35,000 – $100,000 a year, depending on the teaching level.

#10 – Historian

What does a historian do?

A historian researches and writes about past events.

Historians might spend all of their time reading and researching.

They may also help teach students.

It takes an imaginative person to be a good historian – they need to be able to come up with stories from the facts presented.

What do you need to become a historian? 

An undergraduate degree in history and extensive experience are required for this job.

You also have to be able to read and write well!

How much does a historian earn? 

Historians can make over $50,000 per year – but it’s hard work!


Reading is a great way to spend your free time, and it can also lead you into attractive, fulfilling, and well-paying jobs.

Consider these 10 jobs if you love reading.

You might find one or two that are perfect for you!

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