21 Careers Where You Can Travel

21 Careers Where You Can Travel

Are you tired of the same old routine?

Do you want to see the world while you work?

If so, then careers, where you can travel, might be for you.

In this article, we will discuss 20 careers that allow people to explore different cultures and countries around the globe.

#1 – Travel Agent

travel agent

If you love to travel, then becoming a travel agent is for you.

Travel agents plan vacations and conferences by researching destinations, submitting itineraries, and negotiating rates with hotels.

A lot of travel agents also sell tickets for flights and cruises.

Becoming a travel agent is an excellent way to pursue your passion while making money.

#2 – Peace Corps Volunteer

The Peace Corps is a volunteer organization that sends Americans to work in developing countries.

Peace Corps volunteers are involved with many different projects, including teaching English as a second language and working on environmental conservation programs.

You get the opportunity to live among people from all over the world while helping them build better lives for themselves.

#3 – Flight Attendant

flight attendant

Flying around the world is a dream come true for many people.

Flight attendants work as in-flight service providers, preparing passengers and providing food during flights.

Being an airline attendant would be one of the best ways to see different countries from all over the world while you work!

#4 – Translator

Translators are in charge of taking information from one language and translating it to another.

They can work for the private sector and government agencies that need someone who speaks a particular foreign language.

This is an excellent job for people with linguistic skills and no fear of traveling!

#5 – Retail Buyer

retail buyer

Retail buyers work for retail companies, searching the globe to find products that will sell.

A buyer’s job is constantly changing because they need to keep up with trends to offer new items at their store.

Becoming a buyer would allow you to travel while looking for great deals on clothes and other merchandise!

#6 – Travel Nurse

If you are a nurse who wants to work in other countries and explore the world, then being a travel nurse might be for you.

Travel nurses provide medical care at various locations while living abroad.

This is an excellent opportunity if you want to see different cultures without giving up your nursing career!

#7 – Cruise Line Worker

cruise line worker

Cruise line workers work for cruise lines, providing hospitality to passengers on the ships.

The role of a worker includes cleaning cabins, cooking meals, and entertaining guests with games or music.

Suppose you want an excellent opportunity where almost everything is included in your pay package. In that case, being a cruise ship worker might be perfect!

#8 – Foreign Service Worker

If you have a passion for international relations, then the Foreign Service might be for you.

Foreign service workers work in government organizations worldwide and specialize in various topics from trade to agriculture.

Becoming a foreign service worker would give people like yourself an excellent opportunity to enjoy different cultures while still making money!

#9 – Event Coordinator

event coordinator

Event coordinators are responsible for planning and organizing everything that goes on at an event.

This includes setting up the stage, ensuring there is enough food, and coordinating the speakers and performers to make it all work well together.

If you love planning different events while traveling around, then this might be a great career choice!

#10 – Geoscientist

A geoscientist works with scientific knowledge about the earth.

The goal is to understand how it changes over time through plate tectonics and seismic activity.

Geologists are often in demand because their expertise aids oil exploration or mining efforts.

Jobs can be found at universities, energy companies, consulting firms, and even government agencies.

#11 – Archaeologist


This is an excellent career for someone who likes to travel and be on the move.

An archaeologist studies past human cultures, employing techniques such as excavation and analysis of artifacts.

Archaeologists work in countries all over the world, from Australia to Russia!

#12 – Diving Instructor

If you love the underwater world and enjoy traveling, then diving instruction might be what you are looking for.

A diving instructor teaches people how to dive in various world areas while also exploring those places themselves.

This is an excellent opportunity to work with other instructors while traveling around!

#13 – International Aid Worker

international aid worker

International aid workers work for non-governmental organizations that provide humanitarian relief to people in developing countries.

The goal of these jobs is to help the poor and needy with things like food, shelter, or education.

Suppose you want a job where your heart will be happy while traveling around different cultures. In that case, international aid work might be perfect for you.

#14 – International Tour Guide

International tour guides work in various fields such as history, religion, or cultural studies.

The goal is to provide information about the area they are leading tours for tourists and travelers.

Becoming an international tour guide would give you opportunities to explore different countries while making money!

#15 – Athletic Recruiter

athletic recruiter

Athletic recruiting is a field where you can be the person to find new talent for your organization.

This would allow you to travel around and recruit people of different athletic abilities!

If this sounds like something that interests you, then becoming an athlete recruiter might be perfect.

#16 – Au Pair

Au pairs work for families in other countries, typically as live-in nannies.

The position requires a commitment of at least one year. It provides excellent opportunities to learn the language and culture of your host country while also making money!

#17 – ESL Teacher

ESL teacher

ESL teachers often work for private language schools, either in the country where they teach or abroad.

This position aims to teach English as a second language and share your culture with others!

If you are interested in teaching ESL while traveling around different countries, this might be perfect for you.

#18 – Photographer

Photographers often travel around the world to shoot different types of photo projects.

This is an excellent opportunity since it would allow you to visit new places while still making money!

If this sounds like an excellent career for you, then becoming a photographer might be perfect.

#19 – Ski Instructor

ski instructor

Suppose you have a passion for skiing or snowboarding and skiing and enjoy traveling. In that case, this might be an excellent career choice.

A ski instructor teaches people how to ski at various locations worldwide while also getting to explore different areas themselves!

This is perfect if you want to teach others about your favorite sport while making money doing it!

#20 – Stagehand / Roadie

If you enjoy working behind the scenes, then stagehand/roadie work might be perfect for you.

Stagehands help set up and break down equipment at concerts or musical performances. At the same time, roadies do similar but more complicated tasks on tour buses!

Becoming a stagehand/roadie would give you opportunities to explore different countries around the world while also making money!

#21 – Travel Blogger

travel blogger

A travel blogger is someone who writes and shares their experiences while traveling around the world.

The goal of this position is to share your travels with others to inspire them!

If you enjoy writing about your adventures, then becoming a travel blogger might be perfect for you.

Final Thoughts

Traveling is an excellent way to experience new cultures.

The careers listed above have the potential for you to work within various fields and travel all over the world!

If this sounds like something that interests you, then any of these 21 careers might be perfect for you.

We hope we could give you some ideas on how your career can help support your desire for traveling while making money.

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