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5 Best Laptop Stands For Zoom Meetings in 2023

Zoom meetings are a great way to collaborate with remote teams in 2023, but finding the best laptop stand for Zoom meetings can be difficult.

To help you find the best one, we have compiled a list of the 5 best laptop stands for Zoom meetings in 2023 that will work well in any environment.

They are the following:

An adjustable laptop stand that doesn’t take up too much desk space can reduce neck pain when working for long periods. You want to get the best portable laptop stand that can let you see your laptop screen better, as well.

When checking out laptops stands, you want to have the following:

  • Non-slip rubber pads/rubber feet so the laptop stand won’t scratch surfaces
  • Thickened aluminum alloy for stability
  • An adjustable stand for comfort
  • Places for maximum ventilation, and a keyboard and mouse
  • Protective hooks

In this blog, we’ll dive into the best portable laptop stands, what each laptop stand features, and which is best for you.

Nulaxy Laptop Stand

Nulaxy laptop stand, as seen on Amazon.
Nulaxy laptop stand, as seen on Amazon.

Take your laptop to new heights with the Nulaxy Laptop Stand.

It’s simple, stylish, and durable.

Not only is the Nulaxy Laptop Stand super stylish, but it also protects and elevates your laptop!

The silicone pads will protect your laptop from scratches and the ventilated design keeps it cool for a more comfortable experience – perfect for those hot days when keeping your laptop cool is important.

With the adjustable height feature, you can stand up during your Zoom meetings or you can put the stand at eye level for more ergonomic use.

This laptop stand is perfect for you if you want to reduce neck strain.

Say goodbye to sore necks or aching backs from poor sitting posture!

This laptop stand will keep all 10 – 16 inches (up to 44 lbs) devices safe, secure, and at eye level.

Say goodbye to “device neck” today!

Plus, it’s cheaper than competitors!

Some report they feel that their laptop doesn’t fully feel secure while using the Nulaxy Laptop Stand.

They report it feels like it could potentially fall backward.

Others don’t like the fact that it can be difficult to change positions.

There isn’t a way to change positions without lifting your laptop off of the stand first.

What We Like

  • Simple and stylish
  • Silicone pads protect your laptop from scratches
  • It ventilates the heat generated by your laptop
  • Can stand or bring to eye level
  • Works with most devices
  • Good price

What We Don’t Like

  • Difficult to change positions
  • Risk of laptop falling back

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this laptop stand adjustable?

Yes. This laptop stand has a height range of 3.15 inches to 10.6 inches.

What type of finish does the stand have?

A brushed aluminum matte finish.

Does this stand rotate?


Does the laptop wobble if you type while on the stand?

No. The hinges are durable and sturdy.

How tall are the bottom tabs that hold the laptop in place?

Roughly 1 inch.

Soundance Laptop Stand

Soundance laptop stand on Amazon.
Soundance laptop stand on Amazon.

The Soundance Laptop Stand is compatible with any laptop from 10 to 15.6 inches.

It offers a simple installation coupled with perks like portability and plenty of ventilation.

The Soundance Laptop Stand elevates your laptop by six inches, which is the perfect height for a healthy posture.

This means no more hunching over during those long drawn-out Zoom meetings!

Some customers report that the Soundance Laptop Stand has noticeably sharp edges, which can be a little uncomfortable at times.

Others have been disappointed, saying the color they ordered doesn’t look like the color laptop stand they received.

What We Like

  • Compatible with laptops from 10 to 15.6 inches
  • Simple installation
  • Detachable stand for portability
  • Great ventilation
  • Elevates your laptop to a perfect eye level

What We Don’t Like

  • Sharp metal edges
  • Color issues
  • Not adjustable

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this laptop stand adjustable?


Do you need an external keyboard for this stand?

It’s recommended. You can type directly on the laptop, but it’s not comfortable or natural.

Does this stand require assembly?

Yes, but no tools are required. The pieces push together.

How large are the legs the laptop rests on?

About 2″ wide by 9″ long.

Does it have a fan?

No. It does not come with a fan.

LIFELONG Laptop Stand

Lifelong laptop stand as seen on Amazon.
Lifelong laptop stand as seen on Amazon.

The LIFELONG Laptop Stand is the perfect laptop stand for anyone in need of a little strain relief.

It can be used while sitting or standing up, and it helps keeps your laptop cool.

You won’t have trouble hunching over to be in view of your camera during Zoom meetings anymore because this thing has 20 different arm lengths so it’s sure to have you covered!

It can even be used as a portable standing desk.

You can set it up anywhere, anytime on any surface including a desk, kitchen countertop, or dining room table.

The ergonomic design adjusts to suit different heights and working postures, and it also supports a wide range of laptops too.

Although this laptop stand is very sturdy, some complain that it is a little too heavy.

Others have said that adjusting the stand took a little longer than they’d like.

What We Like

  • Use it while sitting or standing
  • Keeps your laptop cool
  • Can be used as a portable standing desk
  • Has 20 different arm lengths
  • Portability
  • It’s sturdy

What We Don’t Like

  • It is a little heavy
  • Difficult to adjust

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the weight limit?

There isn’t an exact weight limit listed, but it can easily hold multiple laptops at once without budging.

Is it easy to add and remove a laptop from the stand?

Yes! Very.

What are the dimensions of the stand?

The top part is 10.75″ x 9.5″ and the bottom part is 7.25″ x 10.5″.

Where is the stand manufactured?


Can you place your keyboard under the stand and still use it?

Yes, as long as the stand is extended fully.

obVus Solutions Adjustable Laptop Tower Stand

obVus laptop stand, as seen on Amazon.
obVus laptop stand, as seen on Amazon.

The obVus Solutions Adjustable Laptop Tower Stand is a portable laptop stand that converts from a laptop stand to a standing desk in seconds.

With the obVus Solutions Adjustable Laptop Tower Stand, you can confidently change your setting and go from sitting down to standing up while still being able to use your equipment conveniently and seamlessly.

The adjustable angle tilt allows you to choose the perfect viewing angle for you.

It can raise to 21″ inches and tilt, allowing for prime positioning while sitting or standing.

The stand supports laptops from 10″ to 17″ in size.

It is a well-constructed product made with solid aluminum to provide stable support no matter where you need it.

Some have experienced their laptop wobble while typing at maximum height with this product.

Others have reported that they had a difficult time adjusting the height of the stand.

What We Like

  • Platform raises to 21″ inches
  • Adjustable angle tilt
  • Can convert into a standing desk
  • Solid aluminum
  • Well-constructed

What We Don’t Like

  • Difficult to adjust
  • Can be wobbly at taller heights

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this stand support an iPad?


Can I type on my laptop while on the stand?

At lower heights, you should have no problem. We do recommend you use an external keyboard so you are not slouching over your desk. However, at maximum height, there have been some reports that the stand might wobble while typing.

Will this laptop stand keep my laptop cool?

It will help. There is a cutout on the bottom for heat ventilation.

Where is this product made?

It is designed in the USA and manufactured in China.

Can the stand be tilted more than 45 degrees?


Lamicall Notebook Holder

Lamica laptop stand, as seen on Amazon.
Lamicall laptop stand, as seen on Amazon.

Keep your expensive laptop safe and secure in the Lamicall Notebook Holder!

It rotates 360 degrees, adjusts the height, and features sturdy silicone pads to protect your device.

The Lamicall Notebook Holder is the best way to keep your laptop cool and conveniently on display.

A sleek design provides stability, while thoughtful features like ventilation holes on the metal tray keep your computer cooler than ever before!

The Lamicall Notebook Holder has been designed to work with virtually any 17-inch laptop size.

Some have reported some difficulties with the mechanisms that allow the laptop stand to rotate and adjust the viewing angle.

Others have said the laptop stand is very durable and does exactly what it is supposed to do.

What We Like

  • Height adjustable
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Adjustable view angle
  • Silicone pad protection
  • Good ventilation

What We Don’t Like

  • Problems with mechanics

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this stand portable?

Technically, yes, but it’s also pretty sturdy and not very easy to travel with.

How high can this stand go?

A maximum of 7.5 inches.

Can you use it on your bed?

Maybe. You’d probably have some stability issues.

What is the width of the base?

10.75 inches.

How thick is the center support pole?

1.6 inches.


If you’re looking for the best laptop stand that will meet all of your needs, we hope this article has helped.

The best stands are the Nulaxy Laptop Stand, Soundance Laptop Stand, LIFELONG Laptop Stand, obVus Solutions Adjustable Laptop Tower Stand, and Lamicall Notebook Holder.

We recommend taking a look at our reviews to see which one best suits your needs before making a purchase decision.

You’ll want to get an ergonomic laptop stand that can let you work comfortably. Most laptop stands have space underneath for a separate keyboard and are good for a desk setup.

Some laptop stands come with a laptop bag. Most laptop stands are of the vertical laptop stand variety. An aluminum laptop stand, such as the obVus laptop stand, is probably the best and most affordable laptop stand of the bunch, as it is lightweight and sturdy.

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