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6 Best Headsets with Mics for Zoom

Zoom is a popular service for video conferencing, and it’s no surprise that people want to use the best headset.

The best headsets will have advanced features such as noise cancellation and superior sound quality.

In this article, we will review six of the best headsets on the market today to help you decide which is the best headset with a mic for Zoom!


Imagine that you’re in a noisy room.

There are children all around, people talking on their phones, and it isn’t easy to hold a conversation.

The MAIRDI USB Headset is designed for these situations!

It has an ultra-clear noise-canceling microphone to stop background noise so colleagues can hear your voice.

You don’t need to download any software – plug it into the computer or mobile device of your choice.

This headset comes with anti acoustic shock technology that blocks out sudden sounds.

This headset is designed to be comfortable and is perfect for people who use their headset a lot.

There are controls built into the cord so you can mute yourself without having to take your eyes off whatever you’re doing!

Did I mention the cord is made of kevlar? Good luck breaking it!

It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

Some people with larger heads have reported that the headphones can be a little tight.

What We Like

  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • HD audio output
  • Anti acoustic shock
  • No drivers needed
  • The headset is very comfortable
  • Large ear cushions
  • The cord is built with Kevlar
  • Microphone and mute controls on the cord
  • 2-year warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • Tight for those with larger heads

Jabra Evolve 20 UC

Zoom calls are a necessary part of work.

Being able to communicate effectively is key in getting the job done right.

We all have our preferences, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone that disagrees with this statement: nobody wants to deal with low call quality.

This heavy responsibility is where the Jabra Evolve 20 UC comes into play by making sure those calls sound great and that you can pay attention to what’s essential — without any distractions!

The Jabra Evolve 20 UC Headset is a must-have for all professionals.

It’s effortless to run your meetings smoothly with easy access to control volume, mute buttons, and phone functionality.

The earpieces are made from high-quality foam – designed to keep you comfortable during long calls or presentations.

The Jabra Evolve 20 Wired Headset is the perfect corded headset for work.

This device is compatible with all leading platforms. 

This device connects to your PC or Mac via USB and is as easy as plug and play.

It’s universally compatible – so you can count on clear sound no matter what system you use!

What We Like

  • The controls
  • Noise cancelation
  • Foam ear cushions
  • USB compatibility
  • Great sound quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Earpiece rests on the ear

Avantree Aria Bluetooth 5.0

 Avantree’s wireless headset is perfect for Zoom calls.

The ultra-lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear for extended periods, while the active noise canceling works to stop background noise from interfering.

Avantree Aria Bluetooth 5.0 are the most comfortable wireless earphones you’ve ever put on.

Super soft, the ear cups and highly adjustable headband combine for a great fit that easily outlasts crummy plastic competitors.

Avantree Aria Bluetooth 5.0 headphones are the perfect balance of audio quality, comfort, and performance.

This headset features brilliant 8hr battery life, so you don’t miss a thing from your digital device!

With a 24-month manufacturer-backed warranty and lifetime technical support directly from Avantree, they are taking care of absolutely everything.

What We Like

  • Wireless
  • Battery Life
  • Over-ear
  • Comfortable
  • ANC (Active Noise Cancelation)
  • Lightweight

What We Don’t Like

  • Boom mic sold separately

Jabra Evolve 40

 You never have to worry about interruptions during Zoom calls again with the Jabra Evolve 40.

Designed for greater productivity and exceptional sound quality, it’s a headset you can trust when on those days your head doesn’t want to work, but your employer needs you to!

The Jabra Evolve 40 headset is flexible and comfortable for work.

With a 3.5mm connection, you can stay connected to your smartphone or tablet.

And with USB connectivity, there’s no limit to where you can go!

The soft ear cups make all-day wear so pleasant.

The headset even comes with a busy light that turns on when you’re on a call to let others know not to bother you.

You need a professional-quality headset that will make you sound just as impressive.

The Jabra Evolve 40 office headset gives you unparalleled voice performance and uncompromising comfort.

What We Like

  • Busylight
  • 3.5mm and USB options
  • Compatibility
  • Great noise cancelation

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavy dongle

Plantronics – Voyager Focus UC

This Bluetooth headset works seamlessly with leading collaboration and voice platforms, whether you’re connecting your PC/Mac via USB-A or using the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC with your mobile device.

Engineered to work in harmony across global bandwidths like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype for Business, you can quickly move about from room to room without disconnecting.

This sleek, futuristic headset is doodled with essential amenities, including noise cancellation and memory foam ear cushions.

Active Noise Canceling (ANC) blocks unwanted background noise by continuously monitoring your surroundings and adjusting to create the perfect sound balance to help you have a more productive day. 

The Plantronics Voyager Focus UC allows for up to 12 hours of talk time and 15 hours of listening time.

What We Like

  • Bluetooth and USB compatibility
  • Active noise canceling
  • Charging stand
  • Long battery life
  • Long-range

What We Don’t Like

  • A little pricey

AfterShoks OpenComm

Keep your wits about you and your work headphones around your neck with AfterShokz OpenComm.

This headset has a bone contour that transmits sound through your cheekbone rather than disturbing your ears.

Plus, this open-ear design gives you more situational awareness in any noisy setting.

Bluetooth technology reaches up to 30 feet and offers up to 8 hours of listening time and 16 hours of talk time on a single charge.

Take the conversation anywhere from country fields to studio recording sessions with AfterShokz OpenComm!

With its sleek, open-face design and lightweight features, nothing is holding these babies back from being your perfect work partner.

It also has an easy-to-use interface with convenient one-touch buttons so you can skip music tracks, use Siri, etc.

What We Like

  • Bone conduction technology
  • Multifunction button
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Long battery life

What We Don’t Like

  • Bone conduction technology can cause vertigo issues

Product Image

Product Name



Jabra Evolve 20 UC

Avantree Aria Bluetooth 5.0

Jabra Evolve 40

Plantronics - Voyager Focus UC

AfterShokz OpenComm

Final Thoughts

A quality headset is vital for anyone who needs to use Zoom, whether at home or in the office.

Whether you want wireless options or something more stationary with USB capabilities, there’s a headphone for your unique situation and work preferences.

We hope this article has helped you narrow down what best suits your individual needs!

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