tools to use in cleaning keyboard

6 Tools to Use in Cleaning Keyboard

I spend a lot of time on my computer (I know you do too) and I used to have no idea what tools to use in cleaning my keyboard.

This means that crumbs, dirt, and food would inevitably get into my keyboard. I tried using various methods to clean it, but I ended up damaging the keyboard more often than not.

Let’s try to avoid any and all damage to our keyboard.

Today, we will look at 6 tools to use in cleaning keyboards.


A vacuum will remove dust, dirt, and other debris from the keyboard. Use a brush attachment to get in between the keys.

Be sure to clean off each key individually if you want your keyboard to be as clean as possible.

We recommend using the AFMAT Powerful 2-In-1 Blower & Vacuum Cleaner.

Say hello to AFMAT, the powerful 2-in-1 blower & vacuum cleaner.

It utilizes cyclonic technology to create a powerful suction force. It is perfect for your keyboard.

With 3 nozzle attachments, it can be used as a blower or a vacuum cleaner to save you the trouble of using 2 different machines.

AFMAT will transform from an air blaster to a vacuum cleaner in just seconds.

You can use it for all your cleaning needs at home or office. Worry no more because there’s no need to spend money on disposable air duster cans anymore.

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Compressed Air

There are many reasons why compressed air is good to clean your keyboard.

First, it is compact. You can literally carry it in your pocket.

Second, it is usually disposable when empty.

Third, it gets the hard-to-reach areas that other methods may not be able to access.

Finally, it’s ozone-safe. It’s also really cheap, so you won’t break the bank if you need to repurchase one every month or two.

This is why you should use compressed air to clean your keyboard!

We recommend using the Falcon Dust Disposable Cleaning Duster.

The Falcon Dust Disposable Cleaning Duster features a 3.5-oz. can of 100% ozone safe compressed gas that quickly clears dust and other crumbs from your keyboard.

The clean, no residue formula is non-flammable, safe for plastics, and dries in seconds.

Holding up to 4 times more than similar products from competitors, this duster provides the same efficient blasting power as larger models while taking up less storage space.

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Use a clean, dry towel.

When using a towel to clean your keyboard, it is important that the towel you use is clean and dry.

Do not use a damp or dirty towel, as this could transfer the dirt onto your keyboard.

Do not dunk your keyboard into water or any other cleaning solution; this will almost certainly damage the internal components of your keyboard and may invalidate any warranty you have on the device.

Also, make sure that no liquid gets between or under any of the keys on your keyboard; while they can survive small amounts of liquid being spilled directly on them, most keyboards are not designed to be submerged in water and are unlikely to continue working if this happens.

With this set of 50 Simpli-Magic shop towels, you can effectively clean your computer keyboard and many other surfaces.

These 100 percent cotton towels are woven with cotton blend yarn which is very durable. Specially woven for cleaning and better than paper towels, these towels are sold by the package and come in natural measuring 14 by 12 inches each which means that they are big enough to do the job you need.

To clean faster like a pro uses these washable shop towels. Get them now and replace paper towels at work and home.

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Cotton Swabs

If your keyboard has hard-to-reach spaces, use cotton swabs to get in there and give them a good scrub.

Gently wipe your keycaps with the cotton end, then use the stick to clean around their edges, where dirt and dust tend to accumulate.

They should look totally clean after you’ve done this on both sides of each keycap!

We recommend using Cotton Swabs Organic by Sky Organics.

Are you tired of cleaning your monitor and computer keyboard with harsh chemical wipes that make the keys sticky?

Try the new Organic Cotton Swabs instead.

Made with pods of GOTS certified organic cotton. They are chemical-free and hypoallergenic. Perfect for cleaning the computer keyboard.

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Microfiber Cloth

The next tool to have in your arsenal is the microfiber cloth.

While the cotton swabs are great for getting inside hard-to-reach areas, a microfiber cloth is perfect for tackling surface dirt and dust.

Dust can be too fine for a vacuum cleaner or cotton swab to pick up effectively, so a dry microfiber cloth can easily get it off.

Be sure you don’t use a wet microfiber cloth when cleaning your keyboard since that could get liquid into clean places.

This precaution is particularly important if you’re using your computer while eating and drinking around it!

Also, make sure not to put too much pressure on your keyboard as you wipe it down; if you do end up damaging one of the keys, you might have to replace your entire keyboard.

Our recommendation is the MagicFiver Microfiber Cleaning Cloths.

Say goodbye to those annoying smudges and keyboard prints.

MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are the perfect tool for cleaning sensitive surfaces such as computer keyboards and cell phones.

Made of premium materials, these cloths will not scratch or damage your gadgets.

They are designed for use on delicate electronics and are a safe and effective solution for cleaning just about any surface in your home.

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Use a toothpick.

This cleaning method is for when you have debris that is on top of the keys but isn’t trapped underneath them.

The toothpick will allow you to lift the object off and also scrape off some of the grime that has built up around it.

When using this method, be careful not to push too hard on the keys because you could damage them or get them stuck.

We advise picking up a pack of 2,500 Wooden Toothpicks from Amazon.

These toothpicks are made from 100% natural wood. A one-time purchase of 2,500 toothpicks should last you almost a lifetime (unless you’re obsessed with cleaning!)

The great thing about purchasing toothpicks for cleaning your computer keyboard is that you can use them for many other things.

From cleaning your teeth, cooking, the kitchen, party favors, etc.

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Cleaning Your Keyboard Will Keep It Functioning Well

Cleaning your keyboard will keep it functioning well and will prevent it from failing.

Regular cleaning of your keyboard is also important for aesthetic reasons if you want to avoid crumbs and other debris falling between the keys.

This can be easily remedied by using some of the following tools a few times per year.

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