Are LinkedIn Learning Certificates Useful

Are LinkedIn Learning Certificates Useful?

If you’ve ever spent time on LinkedIn, you’ll have come across their Learning Certificates. It’s one of the biggest aspects of their platform that they’re marketing online. The website offers over 16,000 courses for you to choose from, allowing you to develop existing and new skills through these online programs. Whether you’re on the job hunt or looking to polish your CV for the future, you’ve probably considered investing in one of these courses. If you’ve ever looked at one, you’re probably thinking, ‘are LinkedIn learning certificates useful’? We’re exploring these learning certificates and what they can offer for your career progression.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

You can think of LinkedIn Learning as being an online library. It is packed full of professional training courses, carried out by experts. You can find over 16,000 courses through LinkedIn Learning that are available in various languages. LinkedIn release 50+ new courses every month, meaning that you’re guaranteed to find a course out there for you and your niche.

The purpose of LinkedIn Learning is to allow you to improve your CV and achieve your career goals. If you’re already using LinkedIn to host your professional CV and make connections in the industry, then you’re an ideal candidate for a LinkedIn Learning Certificate. If you want to stand out from the crowd and make a memorable first impression, these courses are for you.

What you might not know about LinkedIn Learning is that it wasn’t originally founded by LinkedIn itself. The library pre-dates the existence of LinkedIn and was established in 1995 by Lynda Weinman, a digital artist. In 2003, this would become “”, before being purchased by LinkedIn in 2015 and transitioned onto their platforms.

LinkedIn Learning is split into three categories: business and administration, creative and fine arts, along with technology and commuter sciences. These categories are split into sub-sections that are constantly evolving to meet the needs of LinkedIn’s users. With more than 50 new courses arriving on the site every week, these sections are always expanding to incorporate new skills and niches.

Most of the courses that you can access through LinkedIn Learning come with a certificate of completion. There are a smaller number of courses available for you to take in preparation for professional exams or to take alongside continuing education credits (CEUs). One example of this is a LinkedIn Learning course to help students become drone pilots and pass their FAA exam to get a commercial drone license.

LinkedIn Learning works on a subscription basis, meaning you only need to maintain your active subscription to access these courses. The cost will vary between countries, but the standard monthly subscription cost is $33. You can save more than 25% by choosing a yearly subscription.

The Benefits of LinkedIn Learning Certificates

When you complete a LinkedIn Learning course, you can add the certificate to your CV, just like an in-person course. It’s an ideal way to point out your skills and show that you’re committed to your professional development and career. Potential employers love to see candidates who take the initiative to grow as an individual through courses like the these.

If your question is “are LinkedIn learning certificates useful?”, the answer is absolutely!

Just like any LinkedIn premium subscription, you can access a free one-month trial for LinkedIn Learning, allowing you to experiment with the platform before committing to it. Most of these courses are available in an on-demand video format that allows you to work the courses into your lifestyle. It’s ideal for students, parents, and anyone juggling a busy schedule.

LinkedIn Learning also identifies other certification pathways called “Learning Paths” that would match your CV and industry. You can also post your LinkedIn Learning Certificates as badges to your LinkedIn profiles. With the LinkedIn Learning premium subscription, you can try as many courses as you want.

The main reason why you’ll want to utilize LinkedIn Learning is to optimize your CV and show potential employers that you’re committed to your professional growth. A LinkedIn Learning Certificate is a tangible piece of evidence that a recruiter can look into.

Not every LinkedIn Learning course is on a niche topic. Most of them focus on the transferable skills that are the backbone of your CV and help you stand out. Most people applying for a job have the same educational and career background, meaning it is the skills that help you stand out. You can find courses on things like time management and leadership skills, allowing you to back up your CV with evidence.

If you’re wondering about whether LinkedIn learning certificates are useful, then you’re probably already using the platform. When you have these certificates on your profile, it helps you stand out to potential connections and recruiters who can see the certificate on your profile.

What to Consider Before Getting LinkedIn Learning

The one thing to keep in mind is that these LinkedIn Learning certificates are not an alternative to the essential industry-standard certificates that you may be required to have to apply for specific jobs. If a company requires an industry-approved course, you won’t be able to use a LinkedIn Learning Certificate in its place.

You can’t replace an AAT accountancy course with a LinkedIn Learning certificate in accountancy. You want to think of these courses as a supplement that allows you to develop and fine-tune these skills at home and in your own time, without relying on your employer to offer you industry courses.

Many of the LinkedIn Learning courses you’ll find aren’t what you’ll be able to access through industry programs and are often focused on skills that you wouldn’t otherwise access courses for.

LinkedIn Learning is ideal for topping up your existing skills and CV and showing your commitment to personal growth. While they aren’t a replacement for industry courses, they’re a perfect accomplishment. LinkedIn Learning Certificates have a place in your professional development and are a great way to get the attention of potential employers and recruiters.

Are LinkedIn Learning Certificates worth it? Absolutely!

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