Which Jobs Will Be Replaced by AI

Artificial Intelligence: Which Jobs Will Be Replaced by AI?

AI is a technology that has been around for decades, but it is only recently becoming a part of our everyday lives.

AI offers many benefits to society that will help improve the quality of life for humans everywhere.

However, with any new invention comes challenges, and one such challenge is which jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence?

This article explores which jobs are most likely to be replaced by AI in the future.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Many people are not familiar with the term artificial intelligence (AI), defined as “the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition or decision-making.”

Simply put, AI is a machine’s ability to make decisions.

AIs are currently used in many industries which require decision-making, such as in customer service.

This is a trend that will continue to grow, and more industries will adopt it.

AI’s abilities to make decisions have already led some people to speculate about what other tasks it could perform, such as driving a car or making medical diagnoses.

Some say we’re on our way toward artificial general intelligence, which is “a machine with intelligence that matches or exceeds the cognitive abilities of humans.”

Others say this time hasn’t come yet.

Which Jobs Will Be Replaced by AI

How Will AI Affect the Employment Sector?

There are a lot of conflicting opinions on this topic.

Some people think it will create more jobs; others feel like AI will take over, and there won’t be any human work left for us to do.

There is no single answer that fits everyone; the best thing we can do is keep an open mind about what might happen.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors involved.

AI Doesn’t Get Tired or Bored

This means that they can work 24/365.

AI doesn’t take sick days and will never retire – so what does this mean for workers?

It might be good in a way because it leaves people with more time to spend with their families.

It could also be bad because AI could take over all of the jobs, and then there won’t be any work left for us humans to do.

Computers Are Less Error-Prone Than Humans

Computers are less error-prone than humans because they do not have the same emotion and human errors.

Computers only work with facts, whereas people can be biased by their feelings or personal opinions.

Computers also make fewer mistakes due to fatigue, which leads humans to make more mistakes as time goes on.

AI Machines Are Cheaper in the Long Run

AI can do the same job as humans, but they don’t require payment or benefits.

Artificial intelligence is cheaper than human labor.

You’re likely to need fewer employees if you invest in AI technology because the technology is more productive and less costly over time.

AI Can’t Handle Highly Strategic or Complex Jobs

Artificial intelligence still has some growing to do.

If you have a highly complex job, AI is probably not the solution to your problem.

AI can’t handle strategic jobs because they are too difficult to program and will most likely be outsmarted by humans with experience in that domain.

Computers Can’t Imitate Human Connections

The connections between humans are vital.

Computers can’t imitate human relationships.

AI and computers are unable to feel the emotions that humans can.

This, we think, is irreplaceable.

Someone Needs to Program the AI

A machine can’t make decisions without first having human input.

Someone will have to tell the computer what decision-making skills it should use and how much weight each skill is worth.

This means that even though artificial intelligence has been advancing rapidly in recent years, there still needs to be a human programming the AI and telling it what to do.

This trend will continue to grow as more industries adopt it, but for now, there still needs to be someone programming the AI.

Humans Excel at Creative Thinking

Creativity is one of the ways that humans are better than machines.

Humans excel at creative thinking, but this doesn’t mean we’re more intelligent and more logical – there’s a lot to creativity beyond just intelligence.

Just being able to come up with new ideas is not enough; you also need the skills in your domain or industry to put those ideas into action.

The computer doesn’t have emotions, but humans do – this is a human quality that machines cannot replace.

The ability to feel and understand the emotional states of others has been essential for our survival as a species because we’re social beings; computers can never replace them completely (yet).

What Jobs Will Be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence?

Today we’re going to look at the jobs that will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future.

Many people are afraid about this because they’re worried it’s going to take away their job, so let’s discuss have a look.



Robots may do all the work that astronauts used to do in the future.

They can handle extreme situations that humans cannot, and this is why it’s likely they will be doing these jobs.

Robots are not as limited by their biology as a human is.

This means that we won’t need to worry about finding astronauts for these dangerous missions anymore!

These machines could be beneficial when it comes to exploring space.

Poker Dealers

poker dealer

As more and more people are turning to online casinos, the number of poker dealers that are needed is diminishing.

This is because robots can do the job of poker dealers, and it will be possible for them to replace these humans in the future.

The robots are programmed to do everything that a human dealer does, but they won’t have any of the same problems with dealing with customers.

Robots require very little maintenance, and they never get drunk or tired.

They’re also much less likely to deal cards improperly, which would affect their ability to win a game!

This technology could make gaming a lot more exciting.



Robots will replace surgeons if they are more efficient and better than humans.

Surgical robots will be available 24 hours a day and calibrated for laser-like precision.

Programmers will train the surgical robots to perform complex surgeries.

They can also decide if something goes wrong and even take over if things get too complex for a human surgeon.

Surgeons might also be expected to work alongside the robotic assistants.

Many surgeons welcome this new technology as it may reduce surgical errors.

The robotic assistants would be able to reduce the surgeon’s workload without having to compromise on quality.

In addition, it could allow surgeons to perform more operations in one day.

Many people want this technology as they believe it will enable better outcomes for patients with fewer complications.

Police Officers

police officers

Although it seems out there, artificial intelligence may replace police officers in the future.

The number of people killed by law enforcement has been steadily increasing over the years, and this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Police departments across America realize that they need a better solution than using human beings for protection duty.

A solution that will save not only the lives of officers but also civilians.

And one possible answer is artificial intelligence.

AI can scan license plates and perform facial recognition to identify people based on their criminal records or database information.

It could even scan CCTV footage in real-time to look for suspicious activity, much quicker than a human officer could.

The benefits of using AI in this way are that it would save the lives of law enforcement and civilians alike by making mistakes less likely, but at what cost?

The lack of an emotional response from robots can lead to them being unable to make decisions like humans if faced with tricky situations such as hostage crises.



Journalists will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future.

They are well-equipped professionals with hard-earned expertise, but this will not stop automation from doing their jobs as journalists.

Artificial intelligence can gather data and scan through texts at incredible speeds with an accuracy unmatched by human beings.

Automation can search for specific topics or create a news post with little to no human intervention.

Journalists are engaged in a constant battle for readership, and as news outlets grow more competitive, the need for content will only increase exponentially.

Automation can produce copy at an incredible pace which is beneficial when producing articles on breaking news.

Artificial intelligence has a strong potential to change how news stories are collected, processed, and delivered.



The primary benefit of using pharmaceutical robots and AI is that human error is reduced.

It is also a better fit for dispensing controlled substances that are expensive and dangerous.

A significant downside of pharmaceutical robots is they may not react to customer queries or complaints and human beings, so pharmacists may always be necessary for the pharmacy environment.

Automation is appealing for hospitals and pharmacy chains, mainly because it can considerably reduce employee expenses associated with government regulations and continuing education.

The use of robotic robots in hospitals and pharmacies can reduce operational costs significantly.



People have argued that robotic bartenders are cheaper and more efficient than human employees.

Cruisers can find a robotic bar aboard the Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas ship.

Clients order their beverages on a tablet, but machines create the cocktails upon request.

However, others argue that they provide a less enjoyable experience for those who want to enjoy conversation with their bartender or interact with another person while ordering drinks.

The debate will continue as long as people disagree on whether automated machines can replace humans in various occupations.

Commercial Airline Pilots

commercial airline pilot The move to pilotless aircraft is inevitable, particularly after the launch of the driverless Tesla.

The Pentagon is developing a program that will replace copilots with AI.

Aurora Flight Sciences has developed an autopilot system for large cargo planes called Centaur, which can start and land without human input or intervention.

Some pilots are opposed to a move toward autonomous aircraft.

They argue that human judgment is required for safety and that autopilots can be unreliable.

Pilots need not worry about their jobs, but they are likely to be replaced by automation in the long term.

The move toward autonomous aircraft will take time as governments must first set regulations on a technology that has far more potential than just driverless cars.



How in the world could a teacher ever be replaced by AI?

Artificial Intelligence has the capability of simulating a teacher’s style.

AI can also analyze student performance and provide feedback to teachers to help them improve their teaching skills.

Automation can grade tests, assign homework completion grades, and identify students struggling with specific subjects, all without requiring human input or intervention from educators.

AI can also produce lesson plans according to the specific needs of a student.

Some educators are opposed to AI in teaching because it may provide false feedback and does not have emotion or intuition, which is necessary for human interaction with students.

Others argue that artificial intelligence will be more than capable of monitoring and grading tests, identifying struggling students, and providing feedback to teachers.

The debate over the presence of AI in education will continue as long as people disagree on who should be responsible for teaching students and how exactly they should go about it.

This is just a taste of what’s coming down the pipe so stay tuned!

Business Managers

business manager

Business managers will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future. Many of them are already being replaced!

Software like Quicken and TurboTax have handled tasks that would otherwise need a dedicated accountant for years now.

AI can analyze data and make predictions in a way that is very similar to the human brain.

AI can be programmed for specific tasks, such as auditing or any other number of things!

This will allow managers to focus on more pressing issues than just numbers.

They’ll spend their time strategizing about how they want the company’s resources to be allocated.

AI will also take care of the mundane and tedious day-to-day tasks, like data entry or formatting a spreadsheet!



Telemarketers are at an increased risk of being replaced by AI.

According to a study from the University of New Brunswick, call center employees will be reduced by over 300,000 jobs in Canada alone between now and 2020.

That’s because automation allows for robocalls without even having to have someone on the line!

I’m sure you’ve received robocalls from numerous products and services by now.

Telemarketers are currently at a disadvantage because they do not require any high degree of emotional or social intelligence to succeed!

Less than ten percent of telemarketers make it past their first year, which means this is an ideal position for automation.

Computer Support Specialist

computer support specialist

Computer support specialists are at an increased risk of being replaced by AI.

Automated customer service and FAQ systems have been popping up more and more lately!

Many companies now employ automated robots to respond to FAQs and customer support problems.

Many corporations rely on robot answers.

This trend will continue to grow as companies realize that these AI-provided solutions are cheaper and more accurate than humans could ever be!

Bookkeeping Clerk

bookkeeping clerk

Bookkeeping clerks are at an increased risk of being replaced by AI.

With software such as QuickBooks, Windows Office, and Microsoft Office having bookkeeping capabilities, it’s only a matter of time before these jobs go the way of the dodo!

QuickBooks is one example that offers inventory management solutions for small businesses while also providing financial management solutions for bookkeeping tasks.

In the future, robots and AI machines will do these sorts of jobs 98% of the way.

The employment growth is scheduled to decrease significantly, so it will only get more complex and more expensive for people who want to become accountants or secretaries!



As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are a lot of grammatical errors on the internet!

So much so that websites like Grammarly have come up with software for detecting these mistakes and correcting them.

Grammarly is just one example of software that can find grammatical errors and correct them as well.

It’s already been made available for download on every major operating system.

Grammatical and stylistic errors will no longer exist when AI starts taking over!



Military robots have been in development for a long time now, and it’s only going to get better from here on out!

Many military robots use artificial intelligence in some way or another.

AI has made its way to the battlefield in many different forms.

Robots can now do jobs that humans would not be capable of, such as clearing mines or carrying heavy loads!

The military is even experimenting with robots and drones that can identify targets without human intervention.

Pilots will more than likely never have to worry about getting shot down by an AI-controlled anti-aircraft missile system.

Factory Workers

factory worker

AI will also replace factory workers in the future.

It’s already happening!

In China, Foxconn has plans to replace factory jobs with robots that don’t need any breaks or vacations.

Foxconn is an electronics manufacturing company responsible for producing iPhones and iPad, among other devices.

Robots can work all day and never need any breaks or vacations.

These factory jobs are going to be tough for humans to maintain!

Factory workers have been at risk of losing their jobs since automation has come about, but AI makes it even more difficult and unpleasant for them.

Market Research Analysts

market research analyst

Market research analysts do market research for companies and other organizations by collecting data to analyze markets, identify trends, estimate the size of a specific segment or demographic group on which they specialize, etc.

By using artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning systems in the future, market research analysts will be replaced by AI.

AI has higher accuracy in predicting outcomes based on past data, and it can do this without any bias.

This will allow companies with limited market research budgets to easily predict outcomes for specific markets, demographics groups, etc.

Taxi Drivers

taxi drivers

Taxi drivers take people to places using their cars.

Self-driving cars are cars that can drive without a person inside!

Put the two together, and what do you get?

Self-driving taxis!

Taxi drivers will soon be able to make money by using their cars for a self-drive service.

When people want to go somewhere, they can call the taxi company and order one like usual. But instead of a taxi driver driving the taxi to the designated location, it’s just going to show up on its own.

Some people don’t like this idea because it makes taxi drivers obsolete.

While others say, that taxi drivers will still have a place in society even after self-driving cars are invented.

The future of the job is uncertain, but this gives some food for thought!


With the rapid evolution of AI, there is no telling what will happen to humanity.

Some believe that it could lead to severe consequences, while others have an opposite view of the matter and believe that humans will learn and adapt as they always do.

The future of AI remains uncertain, but anything is possible in our near future with technological advances.

Never rule out the possibilities.

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