Average Rn Salary in Illinois

Looking to pursue a career as an RN in Illinois? Wondering about the salary prospects? Look no further! In this article, we’ll break down the average RN salary in Illinois and provide you with all the data-driven information you need.

From factors affecting salaries to regional variances, we’ve got it covered. Whether you’re starting out or have years of experience, we’ll explore the average salary ranges for entry-level and experienced nurses in Illinois hospitals.

Get ready to uncover potential growth opportunities and make informed decisions about your future.

Key Takeaways

  • Level of experience significantly impacts RN salary in Illinois
  • Location within Illinois can affect the salary range for RNs
  • Specializations and certifications can lead to higher salaries for RNs
  • Demand-supply dynamics in the job market influence RN salaries in Illinois

Factors Affecting Rn Salary in Illinois

One of the factors that affects your RN salary in Illinois is your level of experience. As you gain more experience in the field, your earning potential increases.

Additionally, workplace benefits can also impact your overall compensation package. These benefits may include health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.

Another factor influencing RN salaries is the demand-supply dynamics in the job market. Areas with a higher demand for nurses tend to offer higher salaries to attract and retain qualified professionals.

Regional Variances In Illinois Nursing Salaries

In Illinois, nursing salaries can vary depending on the region. Regional differences in salary comparisons across the state can be significant. Take a look at the table below to see some examples of average annual nurse salaries in different regions of Illinois:

Region Average Salary ($)
Chicago $75,000
Springfield $65,000
Rockford $70,000
Peoria $67,000

As you can see, there are notable variations in nursing salaries based on location within Illinois. It is important to consider these regional differences when evaluating potential job opportunities or negotiating salary packages.

Average Salary Range for Entry-level Nurses in Illinois

The salary range for entry-level nurses in Illinois can vary depending on their location within the state. Here is some average salary data and job market trends to consider:

  • Chicago: $66,000 – $83,000
  • Peoria: $60,000 – $76,000
  • Rockford: $58,000 – $73,000
  • Springfield: $56,000 – $70,000

These figures are based on recent data and reflect the competitive nature of the nursing field in each area. It’s important to research and consider these factors when exploring job opportunities as a new nurse in Illinois.

Average Salary Range for Experienced Nurses in Illinois Hospitals

Experienced nurses in Illinois hospitals can expect a range of salaries depending on their level of experience and the hospital they work for. In recent years, experienced nurse salary trends have been influenced by the nursing shortage impacting healthcare facilities across the state.

While exact figures vary, data shows that experienced nurses in Illinois earn an average annual salary ranging from $70,000 to $100,000. Factors such as specialization, certifications, and location can also impact salary rates for experienced nurses.

Potential Growth Opportunities in Illinois Hospitals

You can explore various growth opportunities within hospitals in Illinois. These opportunities can lead to career advancement and specialized nursing roles. Some potential growth opportunities include:

  • Nurse Manager: Take on a leadership role overseeing a unit or department.
  • Clinical Educator: Share your knowledge and skills by teaching and training other nurses.
  • Nurse Practitioner: Advance your practice and provide primary care services to patients.
  • Research Nurse: Contribute to medical research studies and help advance healthcare practices.

These specialized roles not only offer professional development but also the chance to make a meaningful impact on patient care.


In conclusion, the average RN salary in Illinois varies based on several factors such as location, experience, and education.

While it is true that some regions in Illinois may offer lower salaries compared to others, there are still ample opportunities for growth and higher wages within hospitals across the state.

By gaining experience and advancing your skills, you can potentially earn a higher salary over time.

Don’t let regional variances discourage you; instead, focus on the potential for growth and advancement in your nursing career.

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