best rugs for an office

10 Best Rugs for an Office

Everyone knows it’s hard to concentrate at work.

One moment you’re on a financial spreadsheet staring at that second decimal place, and the next thing you know, BOOM! It hits you like a brick wall. Why did I request delivery of that suction cup dartboard from Amazon last week? Suddenly you realize what needs to be done. You need the best rug for an office.

The first thing people notice about office space is the rug. A great rug can make a good first impression and give off a good-natured vibe. Rugs can add a sense of warmth and a creative and calming feel to any room, no matter what space it is.

It’s not easy picking the right rug for your office without all the right information. Do you consider its pattern? Its color? And as crucial as it is, how much should you pay?

That’s why we’re going to look at the best rugs for an office today.

For those that just want the list of the best rugs for an office and to move on, here you are:

  1. SAFAVIEH Adirondack Collection ADR113C (view on Amazon)
  2. SAFAVIEH Madison Collection MAD473B (view on Amazon)
  3. SAFAVIEH Craft Collection CFT877F (view on Amazon)
  4. Rugshop Sky Collection Modern Abstract Area Rug (view on Amazon)
  5. Unique Loom Sofia Collection Traditional Vintage Gray Area Rug (view on Amazon)
  6. nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug (view on Amazon)
  7. Unique Loom Trellis Frieze Collection Area Rug (view on Amazon)
  8. PAGISOFE Fluffy Area Rug (view on Amazon)
  9. Rugshop Contemporary Modern Floral Soft Area Rug (view on Amazon)
  10. GKLUCKIN Shag Ultra Soft Area Rug (view on Amazon)

Let’s get into the review, shall we?

SAFAVIEH Adirondack Collection ADR113C

Safavieh is a brand known for manufacturing high-quality rugs with modern styles, and the Adirondack Collection ADR113C is no exception. This rug is sure to add a touch of class to your home office or living room.

Adirondack by Safavieh makes a stylish statement with its effortlessly modern design.

A subtle washed effect lends the rug a relaxed yet intricate appearance.

A sophisticated gradient of ivory, silver, and metallics will blend seamlessly with a variety of colors and patterns for a truly contemporary look.

It is constructed from a durable polypropylene fiber, which makes it virtually non-shedding and long-lasting.

This rug isn’t just for your office. Add warmth and style to your bedroom, foyer, living room, or kitchen with this rug.

It has a low pile height that fits underneath furniture effortlessly, is soft, and withstands high traffic in high traffic areas.

This rug is predominantly composed of polypropylene.

It measures 8′ x 10′ in size.

This rug is a fun addition to any room and may be a great choice for anyone that is trying to enhance the style of their office. It is also a unique piece but still maintains its humbleness so as not to overpower the rest of the room’s elements.

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SAFAVIEH Madison Collection MAD473B

A marvelous exhibit of trendsetting transitional rugs, the Madison Collection breathes life into extraordinary spaces.

Easy to maintain and practically non-shedding, these rugs are expertly loomed in Turkey. With this alluring and playful collection, classic designs become stylish office decor.

This 0.3-inch thick pile carpet is made from enhanced synthetic fibers that are virtually non-shedding and stain-resistant.

This material is safe for use in high-traffic areas as well as areas where kids or pets can make messes without too much fuss.

From the living room to the dining room, the bedroom, the entryway, the nursery, the dorm room, the study, the home office, or even the eat-in kitchen, the distressed medallion design adds richness to any room of the house, not only the office.

Vacuuming regularly and gently wiping out stains with a mild detergent or carpet cleaner is part of stress-free cleaning.

With over 100,000 products, Safavieh is a trusted brand and leader in furnishings.

SAFAVIEH Madison Collection MAD473B office rug is a beautiful, classy rug that will bring your room to life. It’s stylish and contemporary and can be bought for an affordable price.

We highly recommend the SAFAVIEH Madison Collection MAD473B office rug for the homeowner or business owner.

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SAFAVIEH Craft Collection CFT877F

SAFAVIEH Craft Collection CFT877F is another addition to the office rugs that look very beautiful and complement your appearance at the same time. They are a part of the office series that has been launched by the SAFAVIEH.

Area rugs from the Craft collection feature spectacular abstract patterns that are ideal for any contemporary or modern d├ęcor.

Neutral colors with greyscale shades will go well with these rugs. The rugs are made of enhanced polypropylene and silky polyester fibers, which shed minimally for simple cleaning.

With machine-woven construction, you can be assured of exceptional durability and comfort.

Stain-resistant fibers that are easy to clean are great for life’s unpredictable messes.

Durable, non-shedding fibers are easy to maintain and resist shedding.

You can use these rugs in even the busiest areas of your office and they will last for many years if properly cared for.

Of course, there are plenty of other things to consider when shopping for an area rug. As such, we believe that the SAFAVIEH Craft Collection CFT877F is a fair buy for the price and that it more than gets the job done with its high-quality construction, attractive design, and durable materials. While there’s always room for improvement in any product, this is certainly one you should consider if you’re in the market for an office rug!

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Rugshop Sky Collection Modern Abstract Area Rug

Has the floor always been a problem when you are decorating your office? No one wants an ugly floor that ruins the overall look of your office room.

You want to get an area rug with all the benefits of sisal, but with a softer and more attractive look.

The Rugshop Sky Collection modern abstract area rug is here to take away all the problems with rugs and provides you with the ultimate choice in modern abstract rugs.

The rug is made out of high-quality polypropylene and hand-tufted, giving you a comfortable place to relax and walk on. This combination makes our modern abstract area rug desirable compared to others.

Order this amazing area rug from Amazon today if you want to fully enjoy your office and have no worries about ugly floors!

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Unique Loom Sofia Collection Traditional Vintage Gray Area Rug

Area rugs are expensive.

While we love their aesthetic appeal and versatility, they add to our expenses. Worse, their delicate look makes them hard to keep clean and well-maintained.

When you can’t find the perfect area rug, you end up settling for a less than desirable solution, leaving your home looking less than attractive.

But there’s a better way!

The Sofia collection area rug has all the best features that any household could need in an area rug: Colorful, easy to clean, not slippery or too soft, durable enough to withstand all the wear and tear of family life…

Sofia collection area rugs come in a variety of sizes and unique designs so you can find the perfect one for your home.

We have made it even easier to try out this purchase risk-free with free shipping and returns. We regularly offer discounts on our Sofia collection so keep checking if you find one that fits your style!

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nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug

You want something that never goes out of style.

Something you can pass down to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Something that truly makes your office special and brings joy to your life.

A modern and contemporary rug is always a great idea, especially when you’re looking for a rug that will last multiple lifetimes (who has time to buy rugs more than once in their life?!) but sometimes simple and traditional is all we’re after.

Moroccan Blythe by nuLOOM is the perfect way to add luxury and elegance to your office.

Whether your taste is classic or contemporary, this area rug will complement any room in which it’s placed.

It’s easy to maintain and totally comfortable too!

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Unique Loom Trellis Frieze Collection Area Rug

Finding a rug that perfectly matches your needs is hard.

My problem is I’m not sure what my needs are. They change monthly.

The Loom Trellis collection of rugs from Unique Area Rugs is an excellent option for those looking for a versatile area rug with endless design possibilities.

Made from polypropylene fibers, and cotton backing, this rug can be expertly customized to fit your office’s decorating needs.

With a pile height and thickness of 1/3″, each rug is durable and easy to clean with just a quick vacuum and regular spot cleanings when needed.

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PAGISOFE Fluffy Area Rug

You have a tight budget, but your office deserves a cozy and soft environment where you can get your work done. Wouldn’t you like to buy an area rug that is not just gorgeous -but comfortable too?

The PAGISOFE Fluffy Area Rug is made of high-quality material which makes it incredibly soft to sit or lay on. The beautiful colors are also great for smaller-sized rooms as well.

If you want to stay within your budget without compromising on quality and durability, this super affordable and all-friendly Area Rug will surely save you a lot of money while still keeping you happy.

Just imagine how great it would feel to step on its surface every morning when you enter the office.

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Rugshop Contemporary Modern Floral Soft Area Rug

Traditional office area rugs can be any old thing.

Something that has been around for years, or something that was chosen on a whim, with no focus on purpose and functionality?

That’s not good enough.

This Contemporary Modern Floral Soft Area Rug is hand-tufted of polypropylene adding super softness and high durability.

Available in various sizes, this design is suitable for any indoor space.

The superior construction of the shag rug will make your office work with style.

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GKLUCKIN Shag Ultra Soft Area Rug

Flooring can be cold and uncomfortable in your office.

The GKLUCKIN area rug, fluffy to the touch and soft as a high-quality blanket, will keep your feet warm in the winter and soothe achy muscles.

This ultra-thick fuzzy area rug is incredibly plush, a good reason why it’s the perfect coziness on top of hardwood floors or any other hard flooring.

With sturdy grip dots, it can stay where you put it no matter what kind of activity or stress level there is in your home or office!

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The Bottom Line

The rug can prove to be the focal point in a room and all, so it is important that you select one that compliments the style of your office.

And when you have completed your selection and placed your order for one of these best rugs for an office, feel free to let us know how it worked out.

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