Can LinkedIn Posts Be Scheduled?

Can LinkedIn Posts Be Scheduled?

Trying to stay on top of your social media platforms can be a challenge. LinkedIn is no exception, especially when you probably prefer to be scrolling through TikTok or Instagram. It’s not just businesses choosing to create content in bulk, LinkedIn users are as well. While you can make a month’s worth of text posts and graphics in one sitting, you might forget to hit ‘publish’ on your content. If you’re looking to grow your LinkedIn and build your professional profile, consistency is key. One of the most common questions we see is users asking, “Can LinkedIn posts be scheduled?”. Good news: They can!

Should I Schedule My LinkedIn Posts?

With the help of third-party tools, you can schedule your LinkedIn posts to be published automatically. If you’re someone who likes to sit down and write batch content, scheduling can help benefit your productivity and allow you to finish off your work without worrying about publishing posts at a specific date and time.

When you choose to schedule LinkedIn posts, you’re able to maximize your productivity by saving time. You can set aside one afternoon every few weeks to working on your LinkedIn profile, instead of having to spend a little time every few days publishing posts. It also helps keep your content consistent and limits the likelihood of having a lapse in your LinkedIn content.

How to Schedule LinkedIn Posts

We couldn’t answer the question of, “Can LinkedIn posts be scheduled?”, without telling you how to schedule your posts. You’ll need the help of a third-party app to schedule your future content, but most of these are free and easy to use.

Hootsuite is one of the most popular choices. It’s ideal for recruiters or small business owners managing their own profile and their business profile. With Hootsuite’s free plan, you can manage up to 3 LinkedIn profiles and schedule 5 posts at a time.

You’ll schedule your posts directly in Hootsuite after connecting and authorizing your LinkedIn account to be used on the platform. Hootsuite is one of our favorites as it includes a content calendar that allows you to see your scheduled posts at a glance.

Buffer is a similar scheduling platform and can be used on both your LinkedIn Page and for Showcase Pages. It’s easy to use and a go-to choice for anyone who does social media management.

If you’re searching for a cloud-based social media management platform, check out Sprinklr. It’s highly integrative and works perfectly with LinkedIn. It can be used for scheduling and reporting, making it ideal for recruiters and commercial profiles.

While Salesforce is known for its sales products, it’s also ideal for digital marketing, including on LinkedIn. This platform allows you to collaborate with others to plan, schedule, and publish content on websites, including LinkedIn.

Another choice for recruiters and small businesses is Sprout Social. Along with its scheduling features, Sprout allows you to review and approve other team members to be added to your project. Khoros has a similar feature and also provides unique analytics into the performance of your content.

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