How to Add a Resume to LinkedIn (with pictures)

When you add your resume to LinkedIn you are providing yourself with a world of new job possibilities. LinkedIn is a great way to get discovered by recruiters and land a rewarding work-from-home job. It’s super easy too. In this guide, we’ll show you how to upload your resume, step by step. 

The Benefits of Adding Your Resume to LinkedIn

There are three main ways to add your resume. The first way is to simply upload an existing file. Normally, when you upload your resume for the application process, your resume remains private. It is then conveniently available for when you are ready to apply for a job via Easy Apply. We will revisit this option in the next section.

The second way to add your resume to LinkedIn is by building it within LinkedIn. The platform provides a handy template tool for this process. 

The third way to add your resume to LinkedIn is by featuring it. This too is accomplished by uploading an existing file from your computer. Now your resume is not normally visible to the public. However, some individuals have chosen to make theirs public by featuring it on their profile. Featuring your resume on your LinkedIn account may help recruiters and employers easily find your information. This can enable them to quickly find out if you have the skillset they’re looking for. Also, by having your resume featured online, employers can contact you directly instead of having to message you through the platform. 

Uploading Your Resume

  1. On the main Navigation Bar select the jobs iconAdd Resume to LinkedIn
  2. From the More drop-down list, select the Resume Builder option
  3. Press the Upload Resume buttonAdd Resume to LinkedIn
  4. Select your file and upload it from your computerAdd Resume to LinkedIn
  5. Once you click Next, the upload will be complete

Your resume data will automatically fill in the LinkedIn template. From there, you have the option to edit and perfect your resume anytime. 

Building Your Resume

If you don’t have a resume document file to upload, you can easily build a resume on LinkedIn. 

  1. From the main Navigation Bar select the jobs icon
  2. Click on the More drop-down list and select the Resume Builder option
  3. Press the Create From Profile button
  4. You will be prompted to enter your desired job titleAdd Resume to LinkedIn
  5. By providing your desired job title, you will be provided with personalized keyword suggestions
  6. Your resume template will loadAdd Resume to LinkedIn
  7. Click on the corresponding pen or plus toggles to expand each topic field
  8. Keyword suggestions will appear in the right sidebar 
  9. When you’re finished editing, you have the option to preview your resumeAdd Resume to LinkedIn
  10. Your resume is now uploaded
  11. Additionally, under the More drop-down list you have the option to print your resume as a PDF

Featuring Your Resume

  1. From the top navigation menu select Me
  2. Click on the Add Section button shown just under your contact information
  3. Select the Featured down arrow
  4. Click on the Media option
  5. From here you will be prompted to select a file from your device
  6. Choose your most up to date resume and click to open it
  7. Another box will open and provide you with the opportunity to provide a descriptionAdd Resume to LinkedIn
  8. Be sure to click save on the bottom right of the form
  9. Your resume will now be live and on display within the featured section of your profile

Further Considerations

There are a few things you may want to consider before uploading or featuring your resume on LinkedIn. For one, if you are currently employed, keep in mind that your present employer may be able see if you are actively looking for a job. 

Another issue is that anyone can view your resume and potentially see your personal information. However, you have total control over the amount of information that you place within your resume. Furthermore, you can decide if you want to exclude items like your phone number, address, or email. LinkedIn gives you full control over what you want to add to your resume.  

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Now that you’ve uploaded your resume to LinkedIn, you’re on your way to finding an amazing job. Even better, you’re accomplishing your work from home dreams. 

LinkedIn helps you organize all of your employment information all in one place and it also provides the opportunity to directly interact with and apply for the companies you would like to work for. 

Let us know your experience. How has uploading your resume helped you? 

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