How to Feng Shui Your Home Office

How to Feng Shui Your Home Office

Understanding Feng Shui can bring a lot of vitality into your home office. A lot of us have heard about Feng Shui, but what is it really?

In the West, we tend to think that wealth and happiness come from a great deal of elbow grease and hard work.

While this is true, sometimes we miss the more subtle influences that surround us. These seemingly insignificant variables can have a big impact on our lives. Let’s explore some of the ways Feng Shui benefits those who work from home. 

Represented by the dance of wind and water, Feng Shui embodies the flow and ebb of subtle ambient energy present within an environment. This energy is called Qi (pronounced “Chi”) and flows all around us.

Qi is a vital life force energy that sustains, maintains, creates, and permeates everything. In and of itself, Qi is neutral but can be polarized into negative and positive aspects.

Understandably, some people spend years studying Feng Shui. Today though, we will take just a glimpse into some simple things we can do to positively direct the flow of Qi in our office space.

Why Feng Shui is Important in Your Home Office

It may be hard to believe, but the practice of Feng Shui is of great importance to the success of your home office, and we’ll show you why. Regardless of our religious or spiritual practice, we can all gain immense benefits from learning this ancient Chinese art.

This is because our environment has a direct impact upon our mood, vitality, and our overall productivity.

The Psychology of Feng Shui

Mind In our home office, we may be tempted to duplicate what is familiar to us, as learned from the corporate environment. However, we invite you to rethink what an office should be and how it should make you feel.

As we examine the principles of Feng Shui, let’s take our subconscious mind into consideration. The subconscious mind most often speaks to us in the form of symbolic language.

We too, speak and add information into our subconscious mind all the time through our thoughts and choices. This also adds to the energy around us.

Our subconscious mind is responsible for many of our ingrained behaviors, so we want to find creative ways to encourage positive action within ourselves.

How we interact with our environment can have deeper psychological and symbolic meanings that influence our long-term behavior.

Elements of Feng Shui in Your Home Office


Feng Shui helps us learn the language of the subconscious and use it to our advantage. Let’s consider some basic design elements as we decide on furniture placement, design, and décor. 


We want to avoid blocking the path to success. All major walkways should be clean, open, and clear of clutter. Major foot traffic areas should avoid sharp angles and turns.

In other words, if you have to stop mid-stride and turn to get around furniture, this can obstruct the flow of Qi energy. Clogged-up energy can add frustration and may stifle creativity and productiveness.

Feng Shui has as much to do with common sense and practicality as it does with spirituality. Try instead to create curves that facilitate the flow of Qi.

Sensory Considerations

Utilize textures and fabrics that are a pleasure to interact with. Make sure the air is fresh and clean.

Incorporate music and other auditory elements that help you focus. Add colors that inspire and motivate you.


Create open spaces when possible. Think of it in these terms: you will have room for expansion, growth, and new possibilities. Your office should never feel cramped or overstuffed.

Practical Solutions to Encourage Positive Qi

Declutter and Clean Up Declutter

Get rid of unnecessary items that do not contribute to your work endeavors. Only keep things that you love, appreciate, and find useful.

Dust, clutter, and a bombardment of nonessential things (that you don’t need) only stagnate your energy. What’s more, messiness can enable negative energy to settle in. Regularly go through and get rid of things that do not serve you.

Bring in Natural light

Windows bring in fresh air and positive energy. Without a doubt, light is the strongest energy in an environment. It can bring rejuvenation and fresh perspectives. Always be sure to let the sunshine in. It will literally brighten your mood.

Greenery and Nature

Try to integrate natural elements into your office space. Plants can invite growth, vitality, and prosperity. Water is cool, tranquil, and it purifies. Stone is sturdy and dependable. For instance, in the form of marble, it makes a great countertop. Wood provides a feeling of warmth and is wonderful for furniture & flooring. Windchimes placed just outside your window can add tranquility. Evening candles and string lights can set a positive mood when you have to work into the night. Things like a fountain, fireplace, fish tank, and other design pieces can have a powerful impact on the energy of your space. 

How to Feng Shui Your Home Office

Employ Tidiness

Keep things tidy by organizing books, binders, and folders in a pleasing way. Similarly, organize unsightly items like tangled cords, wires, or other obtrusive items. Store gadgets away in cabinets and keep surfaces free from needless clutter.


Hang up positive quotes and cheerful motivations to inspire you. Moreover, bring in pictures of loved ones to remind you of your support system and who you’re doing it all for.

Furniture, Objects, and Other Tangibles

Office Door

The path to and from your office door should remain clutter-free and open to receiving wealth. Avoid blocking your entry with boxes, shoes, or other trip hazards. 


Try not to have your desk facing the wall. Subconsciously you are walling yourself in or have barriers before your path. Instead, opt to have a view of the open room.

This way, your energy is free to fill that space. If possible, have your desk situated so that your back is facing a sturdy wall for added support and a feeling of security.

Your office desk should be the main element and focal point in which everything else revolves. It should be sturdy and large enough to work on. Look for solid wood to anchor your space and business. This symbolically supports your endeavors.

Arrange your desk off to one side so that it is not directly in line with your office door. From this diagonal position, you can still see the door, but you are out of the direct path and full rush of Qi.

Additionally, avoid turning your back to the door. Nonetheless, if your back must be to the door, place a mirror that puts the door in your line of sight. Symbolically this represents not allowing things to be overlooked or to sneak up on you.


Remove shoes before entering your house or office. The idea is that low-level energies may cling to our shoes and pollute our environment. Even so, if you want to have shoes on, keep a pair of clean house slippers.

Trash Can

Trash should never be visible or overflowing. In fact, this has the energy of neglect and a feeling of being overwhelmed. You can either conceal your trash can or use a decorative bin. 

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Aesthetic Enjoyment Contributes to Positive Energy

Your work area should make you feel empowered and creative. Take all of these elements of Feng Shui into consideration when designing your home office. Think of your office as a battery.

Keep in mind, whatever you put into it will be multiplied and funneled back to you. Therefore, do what you can to make it a sustaining and positive environment. Charge your battery with good things like exponential success, wealth, peace, security, happiness, and mastery.

We may not be able to change the larger things going on out in the world or even in our own house. However, our home office should be a sanctuary for our personal growth, imagination, creativity, and expansive possibility.

Transform your corner of the world…and make it a beautiful one.

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