How to Get Google Certificates

How to Get Google Certificates

Understanding how to get google certificates can feel confusing if you’re unfamiliar with the concept. Google describes their career certificates as giving you the “job-ready skills you can put to work”. This flexible online training program is designed to help put you on the fast track to securing your dream job in some of the most innovative and competitive industries.

We’re taking a look at everything you need to know about these programs and how to get Google certificates that can turbocharge your job search and personal development.

What are Google Certificates?

Google Certificate courses are hosted on ‘coursera’ and they’re 100% remote, online learning courses that require less than 10 hours of study a week. The purpose of Google Certificates is to challenge the idea that you need to have a degree to be able to get into the most in-demand industries right now, including technological development.

Every Google Career Certificate program is designed by subject experts and senior practitioners from within Google. Each certificate is designed to give you the practical and theoretical knowledge and problem-solving skills to be successful at an entry-level job in any of the career niches.

Some programs offer an ‘expert’ course that is ideal for leveling up your skills and helping give you the edge over your competition for a job promotion. Platforms like Project Management Institution, Tableau, and Figma, have collaborated with Google to create specific course material.

All of the Google Career Certificates are available internationally in English through Coursera. This website is a global online learning platform that Google has worked closely with to create its Google Certificate scheme.

The only exception is the Associate Android Developer Certificate, hosted by Android. While most courses are available in English, the Google IT Support Certificate is also available in Portuguese and Spanish. Google is planning to release more language options across their course range.

How to Get Google Certificates at Any Career Stage

The beauty of Google certificates is that they don’t require any prior experience. Even if you’re going in with no experience, you can gain job-ready skills that will make you more affordable. Google estimate that there are 1,300,00 in-demand job openings available at any time across their certificate fields.

You can learn at your own pace, making Google professional-level training ideal for those juggling a full-time job, home life, or college. Most courses require less than 10 hours of flexible study per week, making it easy to fit in your studying on your lunch break or in the evening.

It’s never too early to start thinking of ways to make your CV ‘pop’ out against the competition. If you’re a student, you might wonder how to get Google Certificates if you’re still waiting to get into the industry. Google is bringing their Career Certificates to community colleges and career and technical education high schools, showing that these courses really are for everyone –but with a specific focus on entry-level jobs, with a few noticeable exceptions.

Everything will be 100% online, meaning you can work from your home office or even do your studying at Starbucks. As long as you have wi-fi, you can complete your Google Certificate studying from anywhere in the world. You’ll also get access to the unique employment opportunities for Google Certificate graduates.

While Google has said that you can expect to do around 10 hours of studying per week, they’ve also announced that most people finish their Google Certificate within six months. This time frame means you’ll usually end up paying just under $300 for your course.

The Benefits of Google Certificates

These programs can help you stand out to employers by giving your resume a competitive edge. You also benefit from having a household name like Google appearing on your application. 82% of graduates from these programs report that they’ve experienced a positive career impact within six months of completion.

The Google Certificates programs help connect you with top employers who are currently recruiting, opening up a pathway for you to apply for in-demand jobs. The average salary for entry-level roles is $63,600 across the Google Certificates fields.

Google Certificates are supported by the ‘Google Career Certificates Employer Consortium’, which is made up of over 130 U.S. companies, including several household names.

You’ll find everyone from Target to Verizon and Deloitte included within this group. These companies have committed to considering graduates from Google Certificate programs for entry-level jobs. Once you’ve graduated from your course, you’ll get access to an exclusive job platform that allows you to apply for open positions at these companies.

Most Google Career Certificates cost $39 per month through a subscription on Coursera. If you’re considering the Google Associate Android Developer Certification, the training is free, but you will need to pay $149 as an official exam fee to the facilitator Trueability.

Google does not make any revenue from the Google Career Certificates. If you’re a student or on a budget, you can apply for financial aid via Coursera through the specific course page. Google has so far funded 100,000 scholarships for Google Certificates that several Google partners have distributed.

When you think about how to get Google Certificates, you also want to consider what you get after your course. Once you graduate from your program, you can take advantage of other resources, such as mock interviews, resume-building workshops, and career coaching.

Different Types of Google Certificates

Before you can find out how to get Google certificates, you want to know what types of programs are available. There’s something for everyone, but there is a specific focus on technology and development.

We’re taking a look at the most popular types of Google Certificates to give you a feel for what the programs have to offer. Each of these relates to dozens of real-world jobs, making it easy to target a Google Certificates program that works with your career goals.

Android Development

Android Development

If you’re looking to find out how to get Google Certificates, it’s worth noting the slight difference with the Associate Android Developer Certification. While it is still a Google Certificate, its operation occurs through a separate platform than the rest of the courses on this list.

This course intends to teach you how to build simple Android apps without needing any programming experience.

The self-paced program for Android Basics in Kotlin training gives you ultimate flexibility with your studies. You’ll learn the basics of Kotlin, how to connect to the internet, navigation, and layouts for Android apps.

You’ll start by taking the Android Basics in Kotlin program that teaches you the basic steps of creating and debugging Android apps. This course is designed for people with no prior experience with programming. Once you’ve completed your course, you’ll take the Android Developer Certification exam to get recognized for your hard work and new skills. This exam helps you showcase your expertise in Android development and is ideal for anyone wanting to start as an entry-level Android developer.

Unlike the other Google Certificate courses that are facilitated through Coursera, the Android program is facilitated by Android’s platform. Your Android Basics in Kotlin training is free, although you will need to pay $149 for the cost of your exam.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Learn how to prepare, process, and analyze data to enable your business to make informed decisions. Data analytics help you form visualizations to produce your findings to stakeholders and make recommendations based on your data. This course would be ideal for anyone looking to become a junior data analyst, operations analyst, or data technician.

There is only one data analytics course available, which is at an introductory entry-level. The Data Analytics Certificate is hosted on Coursera and teaches you about data types and structures, how to use data to solve problems, and how to use visualization for data storytelling. It also teaches you the open-source programming language, R.

This course can help you get a job at companies like Snapchat, Accenture, Infosys, and T-Mobile. Google recommends that you have a high-school-level of math, but this is the only requirement and recommendation of skills you should have to take this course.

Project Management

Project Management

Project management can make or break the success of a company and is crucial in small businesses. People who have responsibility for project management oversee everything from the planning to the organizing of projects and work to ensure they are delivered on time and within budget.

This Google Career Certificate is ideal for anyone looking to become an operations manager, project coordinator, or project analyst.

Project management is available as an entry-level Google Certificate through the Project Management Certificate program. This course will teach you about running effective meetings, identifying and managing risks, and handling stakeholders. It’ll also give you the skills and knowledge to apply Agile and Scrum frameworks, along with developing leadership skills.

Project Management is one of the easiest ways to get Google Certificates as this course has no pre-requirements or recommendations of specific skills that you need.

IT Support

IT Support

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate is the No.1 career certificate on their course facilitator website, Coursera. The course focuses primarily on troubleshooting and problem solving, giving you the skills that you’d need to work for a small business or a multi-national company.

This course is ideal for anyone looking for a job as a database administration, computer user specialist, network engineer, or IT technician.

There are two levels available for the IT support certificate.

The introductory level IT Support Certificate gives you the skills you’d need for an entry-level job in the IT sector. It focuses on everything from customer care to system administration and operating systems.

The advanced level IT Automation with Python Certificate is the next step up and is designed for those who already understand the basics, building on the foundations of the knowledge you already have. It helps you understand Python programming, troubleshooting, debugging, and IT automation.

If you’re not sure how to get a Google Certificate but want to improve an essential skill set, try this program. 80% of IT Support Professional Certificate learners have told Google that has had a positive career impact six months after their program.

These Google Certificates can help you get a fast track into jobs within the technology and finance industry. Some of the employers that Google can connect you to include KFORCE, Target, Work & Co, and Deloitte.

UX Design

UX Design

UX design gives you the tools to make digital and physical products easier and more enjoyable for the user. As a UX designer, your goal is to make technology easier to use by designing accessible and useful tools and products for users. This Google Certificate is ideal for anyone wanting to become a UI designer, UX designer, or product designer.

The entry-level course for the UX Design Certificate teaches you how to conduct usability studies, test and iterate designs, and build a professional portfolio. You’ll also learn how to develop user stories and create wireframes and prototypes.

During your course, you’ll use either Adobe XD or Figma to create your professional portfolio to showcase your UX design work.

UV design has become one of the five most in-demand skills in the modern business environment. If you want to refresh your CV and bring something new to the table, you want to find out how to get Google Certificates.

This guide will have helped you figure out how to get Google Certificates to give your CV the edge at your next job interview or help you secure your entry-level job. These courses are affordable and give you ultimate flexibility without breaking the bank. If you qualify, make sure to check for the school’s scholarship program.

Any of these Google Certificates will set your career up to be future-proof with the IT and project management skills that everyone is crying out for. Don’t overlook the network of businesses that Google has ready for you to interact with after your graduation.

Whatever your professional development goals are, knowing how to get Google Certificates will give you the flexibility to expand or tailor your CV to help you land your dream job. You can find out more about the Google Certificate program by visiting the official Google website.

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