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How to Have a Social Life While Working From Home

Now that we spend much of our time working from our home office, we might have to think more proactively about our social life. We may have to be more deliberate with how we spend time with others.

As busy bees working away at our desks, it’s not uncommon for the entire day to go by without seeing a single soul. This is especially true for singles and those that live alone.

In addition to the regular isolation that may come with working from home, we now have the challenge of COVID-19.

It has brought us a world-wide pandemic, social distancing orders, quarantines, and even lockdowns in some areas. The entire social fabric of daily life has been disrupted.

How do we cope with this?

Get Together with Friends & Family Often

How to Have a Social Life While Working From Home, Friends It goes without saying that most human beings are deeply social creatures. We are in need of person to person interaction on a regular basis. Just because COVID is going on, we shouldn’t feel that we need to isolate ourselves entirely.

We can practice social distancing responsibly, regularly check temperatures, wear quality masks, take proper precautions, and still have a social life while working at home.

Obviously, if anyone is sick, they should stay home. With that said, some groups will need to take more precautions than others. Those with compromised immune systems, the elderly, and those with comorbidities will have to be extra careful.

The area you live in may also greatly impact the amount of time you can spend with those in your social circle. If you are able to, try to continue to visit with your friends and family.

Keep your social calendar full and packed with plenty of quality time with those you care about most and who are important to you, even if it has to be over the phone. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health.

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Many would even argue it is more important, as it largely governs and impacts our physiology.

Continue to Interact with Your Colleagues

Just because you are no longer in the corporate office, doesn’t mean you have to give up interacting with your work buddies. Make an effort to regularly go out to lunch, call each other, and check in. 

Staying connected with our co-workers is important because they know us well. They understand our work related stress because they endure it too. They may be able to offer insight and counsel on struggles that our other friends and even family may not fully comprehend.

If indoor activities are not feasible, there is always the outside. In fair weather, we should take advantage of the opportunity to get together for ball sports, bicycle rides, fishing, picnics, long walks, and the like.

Fresh air, sunshine, and immersion into nature will not only boost our immune system but will also improve our mood and emotional well being too.

Texting, Video Conferencing, and Voice Calls

One great option is that we can utilize open group text correspondence with our family and closest friends. Keep each group relatively small and among individuals that know each other.

Furthermore, you can exchange ideas, thoughts, and random happenings. It really makes a difference and keeps us linked with others. 

Call your loved ones often. We need to feel a genuine connection with others. We should not allow anything to take that from us. Our elderly population will especially benefit.

As we regularly call them and check in often, we will show them that we care. 

Want to speak virtually and face to face? For Google users, there is a great video conference application called Google Meet. All you have to do is send friends, co-workers, or family a link with an alphanumeric key.

On their end, they just click on the link. Meet can accommodate up to 100 users simultaneously. You can all talk, visit, and share the same screen together.

Singles and Dating

Couple drinking milkshake

If you’re single, continue to get out into the community or online. Because you work from home, meeting other singles may be more of a challenge.

Make an extra effort to regularly meet people, until you find a keeper. There is no reason why we shouldn’t continue to look for meaningful romantic relationships that add value to our lives.

Have Furry Friends to Share Your Day With

How to Have a Social Life While Working From Home Never underestimate the comfort of having a pet companion. Pick an animal you can really connect with and just go for it. Being a pet parent is very rewarding.

Some people love cats, others prefer a dog. Some just want an intelligent bird that can mirror back witty and sarcastic banter.

Having a sidekick that can accompany you throughout the day, can be a game-changer. You’ll be happier and enjoy your day more.

Play Video Games… with Other People

Under lockdown, or even when we are just working a lot from home, it can be isolating. It’s easy to struggle with boredom and loneliness as we are cooped up in our homes.

One option is to play interactive, multi-user games online. You can choose games that you can play with your friends or colleagues. The upside is this is a great bonding opportunity, fosters collaboration, and you will all have fun together.

Leroy Jenkins and his friends come to mind.

The downside is that video games can be addictive. So try to only play them in moderation. Make a real effort to interact with people in person, if possible, and do so often. Get outside and into nature too.

Avoid Excessive Social Media Junk-food

Avoid excessive social media junk food

In popular culture nearly everyone is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. It’s essential to remember that these are not authentic interactions with other human beings.

We need the real deal, and we need it often. As human beings, need to see the faces of those we care about. We need to hear their voice and their contagious laughter. We need to receive their hugs and give them in return.

Social media should never be used as a go-to for social interaction.

Same thing with the news. We need to stay up to date, but then we should turn it off.

If we rely too heavily upon social media, network television, and entertainment, we will suffer emotionally. We will feel empty, alone, and even more isolated than before. Instead, pick up the phone and just call your favorite people.

It is the bonds that we have with other people that bring vibrancy to our social life, even while we are working diligently from our home. 

Take Your Supplements & Eat Well

Especially during the winter, it may be hard to keep a cheerful outlook. Make sure you can get outside and absorb some sunshine.

If that’s not possible talk to your doctor about taking a vitamin D3 supplement. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient we get from sunshine.

Nutrition & staying active has a huge impact upon our overall mood and feeling of well being. This will also boost our immune system and keep us healthy in a world where COVID fears abound.

Bringing It All Together

Indeed, we are at a strange time as a culture. Globally we are seeing things change so rapidly. We also seem to be alone a lot more. Let us remember that at the core of everything that matters, it is human relationships that matter most.

Having mentally stimulating conversational exchanges with others adds another level to our social life while we are working away in our home. Take advantage of every day to connect with others. In the long run, we will know we have made the right choice.

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