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5 Practical Ways to Stay Active While Working From Home

Working from home has so many benefits. One of them is that we have the freedom to take short breaks when we need to. Yet many of us find ourselves sitting for hours on end.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our work and let time fly by. All the while our body has not moved, at all.

Our bodies were designed to be active and keep moving. If we allow ourselves to become too sedentary we endanger our health. Our heart especially needs physical activity.

Take every opportunity to give your body a chance to move. Get up, stretch, and circulate your blood.

1. Take Regular Breaks and Keep It Moving

The experts say that we need to get out of our chair at least once every hour and for at least 5 minutes at a time. Be sure to set regular reminders, alarms, or even timers that remind you to take short breaks.

You can use break time to walk around, check the mail, make a cup of tea, or even do a chore like sweeping the floor.

Make a custom schedule and post it on your wall or in a convenient place where you will regularly see it.

It’s easy to make a resolution for change but then quickly forget about it once we fall back into old habits. Making it visible will help you to stay on track. You will have more energy, clarity, and focus as a result.

2. Create Your Own Home Gym

If you’ve got the space and want to exercise at home, consider building a personal gym.

Create an atmosphere of wellbeing, serenity, and positivity. Your workout space should be a place you enjoy spending time in and look forward to.

Many people find that two quick exercise routines per day are more manageable for those working from home.

A quick 15 – 30 minutes in the morning and again in the evening can do wonders for stamina, energy, and overall health.

Yoga Matt – First and foremost we need to begin our workout with stretching joints and muscles. You can even put in a little light yoga before beginning the more intense part of your routine.

Yoga mats are great for core building and floor movements. Make sure your mat is extra thick and of the non-slip variety. Get the best mat for your routine and style here.

Weight Sets – Weight training helps build lean muscle and core strength. As we age we need more weight-bearing exercise. It’s good to start with light aerobic exercise and then settle into and finish with weights.

  • Dumbbells – Used with one hand, these weights are great for building arm strength.
  • Barbells – Used with both hands. They enable us to take on more weight and build core strength. To find out more on barbells, click here.

Pull Up Bar – This classic tool is a gem for targeting multiple areas. Install a sturdy bar that you can use to build up your arms, shoulders, and core.

Exercise Ball – These multipurpose balls are great for stretching and improving flexibility. You can find a great one here that doubles as an office chair and is removable for use in your home gym.

3. Avoid The Temptation To Stay In

In 2021 many of us have persisting stay-at-home orders and are trying to social distance the best way we can.

On top of that, we work from home and may be tempted to stay in a lot more.

However, we should never underestimate the importance of visiting with neighbors, seeing friends, getting out into nature, and participating in our local community…even if we have to do so from a safe distance.

Remember that the outside is beautiful and full of wonder. Sunshine, fresh air, and nature really do bestow upon us the best of elements of health and vitality.

Go for Walks – To make it even more enjoyable, have a walking buddy to chat away the time with. This will boost mood, creativity, problem-solving, focus, and make you more productive during work time.

Become a Stair Master – Stairs are a great way to gain endurance, core strength, agility, and build up those glutes! Go up and down stairs a few times each day if you can.

Enjoy Bike Rides – Whether leisurely riding through the neighborhood or out on a trail, being outdoors on your bike will de-stress you, help you recharge, and make you feel refreshed.

4. Have Good Sitting Posture And Ergonomics

Make sure your chair and desk space are proportioned to optimally support the needs of your body.

There are a variety of furniture options to facilitate ergonomics. Some people even employ a variable height standing desk so that they can avoid sitting all day.

Let’s not forget about our eyes. Exercise them by looking out the window and focusing on distant objects. Have good lighting and be sure to employ blue light blocking glasses if you are going to work into the night.

5. Focus On Your Goals

Knowing what you want to accomplish and making steady progress towards it is one of the most satisfying aspects of working from home.

Have a structured routine that you can do every day. Build positive habits that are easy to maintain and that facilitate a successful work from home environment.

Part of working from home involves being your own boss. You are working remotely and therefore have to motivate yourself and often do so with distractions from family and home life.

Utilize these steps and best practices to achieve your fitness goals.

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