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How to Work From Home for Disney

Disney is one brand that everyone has a personal connection to. You might have grown up watching their films or visiting Disney theme parks. Everyone has a favorite Disney character and a special memory connected to the brand. It’s one of the most well-known brands worldwide. What few people realize is that it is one of the largest employers in the world.

You might think that working for Disney means that you need to be in the production studio or a theme park. While most of Disney’s remote work revolves around guest relations and customer services, an increasing number of positions are being moved to remote working. This article will teach you how to work from home for Disney so you can work for this legendary company from the comfort of your own home.

Why Would You Want to Work For Disney?

How to Work From Home For Disney

Working for Disney might be your ultimate career goal, or you could be planning to use it as a stepping stone to work for another brand like Apple or Amazon. Disney is so much more than a film production company. The company has dozens of divisions and offers everything from cruises to a streaming platform and cookbooks. The Disney brand is everywhere you look.

Besides remote jobs, there are Disney jobs everywhere

  • Disney vacations
  • Disney travel planners
  • The Disney Store
  • Disney work at the Disney Resort hotels
  • The Disney media networks
  • Studio entertainment jobs
  • Building Disney products
  • And management

The diversity of Disney’s portfolio means that it has jobs tailored to every skill level and personality type. Whether you’re a number cruncher or a social media marketer, you can guarantee that there’s a job at Disney for you. People all over the world work for Disney – even in countries where there isn’t a theme park.

You don’t need to relocate to Florida to work for Disney. When you find out how to work from home for Disney, you might be surprised by the options available to you. There is truly something for everyone.

One attraction to Disney is its inclusivity across the board. They’re one of the leading companies to hire veterans through the “Heroes Work Here” program. Disney is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and welcomes applications from individuals with disabilities, along with veterans with disabilities.

If you’re looking for a heritage brand that offers the best of all worlds, Disney is likely to tick all your boxes.

Working from home for Walt Disney means that you get the same benefits as regular in-person or hybrid remote Disney employees. These benefits can be lucrative and help bump up your salary.

Depending on your remote position location, Disney’s company benefits might include:

  • Retirement contributions with Disney matching 3% of employee contributions.
  • Health insurance, including vision and dental.
  • 4 weeks of vacation and/or sick leave (varies between tenure and positions).
  • Free entry into Disney theme parks.
  • Exclusive discount at Disney resorts and stores.
  • If you decide to pursue a field of study, Disney may contribute towards your tuition.

Understanding the Disney Brands

How to Work From Home For Disney

Before you dive into the world of Disney job advertisements and Disney home jobs, you want to take a step back and look at the brands that fall under the Disney umbrella. As one of the largest employers in the US, it’s no surprise that Disney has dozens of subsidiary and affiliate companies.

You can find out more about each brand through the Disney Careers website, a division of their human resources department. You can work for divisions like the Disney Cruise Line, ABC, ESPN, or Pixar Animated Studios, and there are tons of job postings. It’s important to remember that not every Disney career will involve all things Disney and have you directly working for a Disney-named company.

How to Work From Home For Disney

The first thing you want to do on your quest to find out how to work from home for Disney is to become familiar with their job board. Disney has a dedicated “Disney Careers” website where they post all their job listings around the world. You want to make sure that you bookmark this page and check back several times a week to see if there are new listings.

You can filter the job listings by categories, with options like operations support, marketing, and consumer goods. You’ll find a mixture of full-time positions and part-time jobs that you can take on as a side hustle if you’re a new graduate or someone who needs flexible working.

Don’t forget about checking third-party sites. While you will find most listings on the official Disney Careers website, it’s easy to miss things amongst all the advertisements. One website you want to bookmark is FlexJobs. This site focuses on providing listings that offer flexible hours or remote working. According to FlexJobs data, 78% of their listings are for full-time positions, with 56% offering remote work options.

It’s important to remember that remote working may be given as an option for a position, so don’t overlook a listing that specifics office working. Take a look through the description to double-check if there’s any mention of flexible or remote working for the position.

Navigating the Disney Careers Website

As we mentioned above, your number one tool is the Disney Careers website. You want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of all the information on the site – even if there isn’t a job listing that catches your eye. The website is divided up by career area, brand, and programs. While the latter is for in-person programs, the first two tabs are the main sections you want to visit.

Disney hires employees in career areas like finance, consumer goods, business support, and technology. If you work in a specialist field, it’s still worth checking if Disney has a job opening for your career niche. The diversity of Disney’s portfolio means this might be more likely than you think!

Although you’re looking for a remote working job, you still want to filter the location setting to your local area. It’s also worth signing up for the job alerts section of the website. You can filter your preferences to alert you to specific job types at your chosen level and location. This option means you don’t have to worry about getting bombarded with emails every day, and you’ll only get the job listings that are relevant to you.

Disney is known for going on hiring sprees. They’re currently embarking on one as their theme parks reopen across the world. Disney is re-hiring former employees (also known as cast members), along with new recruits. It’s a good idea to keep checking back manually to the website to see if there’s a flood of new positions coming up in quick succession.

When you’re visiting the Disney Careers website, don’t forget to use the filters. Otherwise, you might find yourself spending hours on the website every day looking at jobs that are a thousand miles away from your home. Disney is a global company with employees in almost every country.

You can filter your job search by location, career category, company group, and business area. You want to avoid being too specific with your filters while still avoiding having to look at irrelevant listings that don’t meet your criteria.

What Positions Does Disney Hire For Remote Working?

How to Work From Home For Disney

Before we start looking at specific remote working jobs with Disney, it’s important that you get a feel of what jobs are out there. While almost any job (minus theme park and filming production) could be turned into a remote working job, there are a few common departments that appear on job advertisements. Although you will find the occasional digital marketing position, most remote work revolves around customer service.

Disney deals with customers all over the world – from their theme parks to online stores and other travel programs. If you’re looking for a job in a country like Canada, which there isn’t a Disney Park, one of these positions is likely to be your best bet to work for Disney remotely.

When you’re looking at job listings, you want to take your time and read them in detail. While a job may seem like it could be carried out anywhere, most come with a specific location requirement. The ‘Guest Support Representative’ for Disney’s online store requires you to reside in one of several US states, such as South Carolina or Florida.

Not every Disney job is a low-paying or part-time position. You can find career positions that require you to have previous experience and a degree-level qualification. One example of this is the role of “Remote Communications and Social Media Representative”. Post-COVID, you can expect more marketing positions like this to slowly switch to becoming remote working jobs.

Remote Working Jobs With Disney

One of the most common remote working positions you’ll find is for “Guest Services Representative”. While these can be for any sector within the hospitality and retail division at Disney, they tend to be for providing customer service on the shopDisney website.

With this position, you’ll speak to customers through different communication channels, including phone and social media. You can expect to get around $12 as an hourly rate for a position like this with flexible hours. In a position like this, you’ll be helping Disney customers with their orders and answering any questions that they might have about a product. You’ll usually want to have some prior experience of working in customer service before applying for a position like this.

Another remote working position to look out for is the “Remote Support Representative” at Disney. With this job, you’ll be working at home in a virtual call center and deal with a variety of customer issues. It’s worth noting that although this position is remote working, you will need to be located in a qualifying area to apply for the job. Most call center positions are hired within Canada, while shopDisney primarily hires from within the continental United States.

Most of the remote working jobs offered by Disney have some level of customer interaction, so you want to make sure this is something you’re comfortable with. Other ways that you can work from home for Disney is with positions like “Graphics Interface Coordinator” or “Creative Manager”. If you have a creative flair and understand digital marketing, you might be able to find a full-time position from home as the industry shifts to remote working.

If you can’t find a job working directly for Disney, there are other remote working options on the table. Any budding Disney theme park goer will be familiar with Disney vacation planners. While they don’t work directly for Disney, they help people book Disney hotels and earn a commission from their vacation cost.

The beauty of this remote working position is that you can take it up as a side hustle, as long as you have knowledge of the Disney parks. You can find out more by checking out the Disney Travel Agents website to undergo training to become a vacation planner. You can also apply to be a planner through a registered agency.

Advice on How to Work From Home For Disney

Your lifelong dream might be to work for Disney. So many of us have a connection to the brand and it is globally recognized as an industry leader. If you’re considering a career working for Disney remotely, you want to be flexible with getting your start with the company. You might need to start in a position that isn’t your dream job, but that gets your foot in the door.

One benefit of working remotely with Disney is their flexibility. If you’re working in a guest representative role, you’ll likely work outside of the 9-5 hours but without having too many anti-social work hours.

Don’t forget that remote working may be advertised as an option on the job listing for the right candidate. It’s still worth applying in this scenario, and you can always state your preference for remote working during the interview stage. You’ll miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!

Working for Disney is an opportunity that almost no one would turn down. After all, who isn’t a fan of the big mouse? The diversity of Disney’s divisions and the scope of their work means that the company has a job that fits every skill set and expertise. If you’re thinking of making the switch to remote working, Disney is one company you want on your radar.

We hope this article has helped you discover how to work for Disney from home – happy jobhunting!

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