Is Amazon Work From Home Legitimate

Is Amazon Work From Home Legitimate?

Amazon is the world’s fifth-largest employer, surpassed only by Walmart and a few large petroleum companies. Amazon added more than 400,000 workers to its workforce in 2020, totaling 1.2 million employees. This equates to hiring more than 1,400 new staff members each day. If we counted the number of people who make a full-time living selling products on the platform, Amazon would be considered the largest employer in the world.

Is Amazon Work From Home Legitimate?

For sure. An Amazon work-from-home job is not a job scam. Amazon jobs are some of the most sought-after online retailer jobs around because they have a simple hiring process, pay with direct deposit, and the position pays enough to live off of. Their remote jobs have gone through the Better Business Bureau process so they can hire virtual workers and job seekers for the work-from-home jobs and other job opportunities they have.

Similar job scams have sprung up lately as the work-from-home job revolution has taken over. However, as you probably know, Amazon is a real company and Amazon job opportunities are good opportunities.

Does An Amazon Work-From-Home Job Have Job Security?

Amazon jobs pay decent money for hard work and you will have job security as long as you continue to do so. Amazon has not been as affected by the economic downturn we are currently experiencing. People are buying online from Amazon more than ever.

Amazon’s Work-From-Home Opportunities

Amazon’s corporate headquarters is located in Seattle, but the retail giant has long employed workers from all over the world remotely. Amazon typically employs workers remotely to deal with customer service issues by phone and chat, increasing the company’s reach while decreasing its overhead. The customer service agents who help you track down your package or process your return are, most likely, working from home.

Amazon hires virtual customer service agents, seller support associates, and HR associates, to name a few. In addition, Amazon also hires the majority of its developers, programmers, and IT infrastructure staff on a remote basis. With so many scams on the market, you’re not alone if you have ever wondered, “Is Amazon work from home legitimate?

Customer Service

Is Amazon Work From Home Legitimate

Amazon’s customer service call center positions are work-from-home positions. They are some of the most coveted within the company. To work for Amazon’s customer service team, you must have a computer with high-speed internet access and a dedicated phone line. These positions require flexible availability, as agents are available around the clock. They guarantee an hourly wage, and work from home agents are classified as employees, eligible for Amazon’s generous benefits package. These positions are offered on a state-by-state basis, so hopeful agents have to wait for openings to become available in their area.

These positions tend to be temporary and seasonal. However, if you hit your metrics, you can qualify for a long-term, permanent position. Military veterans and their spouses, stay-at-home parents, and career changers love these positions as they offer good pay and location flexibility.

For these positions, you will need a high school diploma and some experience in customer service. The online application includes a skills test that you will need to pass in order to be considered.

Human Resources

Is Amazon Work From Home Legitimate

With a workforce the size of Amazon’s, it’s no surprise they have a huge human resources team. Amazon offers work-from-home positions in HR. These are not entry-level positions, they require some experience in the field prior to applying. These are salaried positions that include full benefits and opportunities for advancement. For these positions, you will need a Bachelor’s degree, six years of HR experience, and one year of supervisory experience.

There is currently (as of this writing) an abundance of HR work on the site, so this may be the time to start the search.



Here’s a niche job for the right person. Amazon works with fashion experts who can provide their expertise to customers looking for fashion advice. Amazon Stylist positions require flexibility and the ability to work nights, weekends, and holidays. Individuals interested in this position must have at least two years of relevant fashion experience. They must also be able to multi-task and have above-average communication skills.

Administrative Work

Is Amazon Work From Home Legitimate

Amazon hires work from home administrative assistants, executive assistants, and other support positions to support the customer service and HR teams. These positions require high-speed internet access and in some cases, dual monitors. (Not all positions require this, and workers can get these once they’re hired.) Amazon is expected to increase its workforce significantly in 2021 and 2022, so there may be a huge hiring push for administrative staff. These positions require a high school diploma and at least two years of relevant experience.

Editorial and Content Management


Amazon is constantly in need of new content. This includes email marketing, web content, ads, and other editorial material. Amazon hires the brightest and best to pull off this work, and there are openings for talented writers, editors, video producers, and strategists. For this position, applicants must have experience in the field and a well-designed portfolio. Another similar position is in the marketing department. Amazon also hires marketing coordinators, social media specialists, brand specialists, and digital media managers.

Getting Started with Amazon Work From Home

Amazon lists their remote work positions on their website, so that’s a good place to start. For the customer service positions, there is an assessment and a skills test as a requirement for consideration, so leave enough time to complete this. It typically takes about an hour to complete both the application and the assessment/skills test. If you are accepted for an interview, you may have to send in a video interview of yourself answering a series of questions. From there, Amazon will contact you if you are selected for a position.

For the other positions, there are individual requirements and interview procedures. Check the website for the exact steps. “Is Amazon work from home legitimate?” is a valid question that many ask when seeking remote work.

What is the Pay for Amazon Work From Home?

The rate of pay varies by position, but the customer service position starts at $12 hourly. Amazon will always pay at least the minimum wage for your state, so if your state’s wage is higher than $12, you are guaranteed to earn that amount. For the quality associate position, the pay starts at $17.16 and can be as high as $23.61 an hour.

If you have ever wondered “is Amazon work from home legitimate?”, the answer is yes. Not only are these jobs legitimate, but the company is also currently on a hiring push, bringing in more than 1,000 new team members a day. Working from home for Amazon brings with it a number of benefits, the biggest one being able to work remotely and earn a guaranteed and stable wage. Find the right Amazon work-from-home job here.

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