Minimalist office supplies

Minimalist Office Supplies: Ideas for Your Stylish Home Desk Organization

If you have ever found yourself green with envy upon seeing a neighbor’s home office and wish you could somehow turn your own into a sleek and organized space like theirs, we have some useful tips to help you make that happen.

The home office is a tricky space: it needs to function as an office and blend seamlessly with your home’s style and décor. Additionally, the office should help you become more and not less productive.

Cluttered spaces can slow down your work and make it difficult for you to focus on a task, and they can also be an eyesore when you are entertaining friends in your home. In some cases, the home office is tucked away in a spare bedroom, but in many other cases, the home office is visible from your main living spaces.

Ideally, that office will be “presentable” enough to remain in view no matter who is in your home and inviting enough that you want to spend time in there and not go out of your way to avoid it.

Before we get to some stylish home office and desk organization ideas, you must commit to an important first step: getting rid of the clutter.

The Keep it or Toss it Piles

To transform your workspace, you need to determine what stays and what goes. Take all of your office supplies and divide them to “keep” and “toss” piles (the “toss” pile can certainly be a “donate” pile if you have items in good, working condition that may be useful to someone else).

Think about each item’s function and what purpose it serves. For example, if the file rack you used two years ago is now collecting dust because you digitized all of your paper files, add it to your pile of items to donate. Ask yourself, “do I really need this extra stapler?” and take the time to toss old pens or recycle outdated papers.

Once you have scaled down to only the items you need and still serve a purpose in your home office, review them one more time to consider aesthetics. Perhaps time to upgrade your pen caddy if you have been using a souvenir cup from an amusement park!

Keeping all of your desk items in the same family of colors/finishes will create a soothing space and a serene look in your home office as well. Once you have stripped down your workspace to the bare necessities, you can rebuild the area into an eye-pleasing and still functional desk.

Our Favorite Minimalist Office Supplies

When creating a minimalist workspace, there is a wide variety of home office supplies available for every price point.

Key to the minimalist look is the need to declutter and remove distracting elements, and there is no place where this is more important than with excess cords.

Cable Organizer

These smart, clear clips offer the perfect solution when it comes to keeping cords organized on and around your computer desk.

Another way to create a minimalist look for your minimalist desk is to keep all accessories in the same finish. Rather than mixing colors and styles, one soothing and eye-pleasing palette will make it easier for you to stay focused and reduce distractions.

Additionally, these kinds of streamlined accessories make your home office an attractive space when you have guests in your home, rather than an eyesore you want to keep behind closed doors.

Desk organizer set

This desk organization set offers the perfect way for you to keep all the supplies and office essentials you need organized in a stylish and streamlined way. You can easily find a space for your rubber bands, paper clips, and pencil and pen collection without having to clutter the desk space.

One area that is often overlooked when it comes to an organized and streamlined desk space is the need to use the walls around the desk! There is no better way to keep the desk surface uncluttered. Even though large paper desk calendars were a favorite for many years, they can quickly start to look junky if you have a habit of doodling on them during a long conference call.

A wall calendar system can keep you organized and create an attractive focal point for your home office design. A floating shelf is also a great way to expand storage space on the walls while keeping minimalism front and center.

Wall calendar system

Finally, remember that plants are a welcome addition in any space, especially in a home office. Whether you choose a small succulent for your desk or an attractive hanging display next to a window, a pop of green can bring energy to the space and make it feel warmer instantly.

Just be sure to consider how much sunlight is available before you purchase a plant and resist the urge to overdo it. One great plant or two is enough to look great while also keeping with the minimalist look of your home workspace. If you end up with a mini jungle around your desk, you may find yourself constantly distracted, wondering if you watered the plants enough that week!

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