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23 Healthy Snack Food Ideas That Work For You

Many of us now work from home. We’ve got deadlines, a million tasks to perform, and the clock is ticking. All the while our stomach is growling at us. We want to get our work done but we are distracted with nagging hunger.

The good news is we’ve got some great snack inspirations for your work-week. The next time you’re perusing down the grocery aisle, grab some of these tasty snack options.

Handy Pre-Made Snacks That Do The Job

  • Hummus and olives with flatbread
  • Salami or summer sausage with crackers
  • Halved grapefruit sprinkled with salt
  • Greek yogurt with berries and granola
  • Individually wrapped Babybel cheese bites
  • Smoked salmon lox on a bagel with cream cheese
  • Keto chicken chips…yes really, they’re amazing
  • Convenient cherries, grapes, and strawberries
  • Quartered figs drizzled in honey and candied walnuts

Crunchy Snack Solutions for Crunch Time

  • Fresh honey crisp apples with candied pecans and cheddar-Parmesan
  • Fresh celery with your choice of nut butter
  • Carrot sticks and broccoli florets with classic ranch
  • Organic dried fruit and veggies – visit the bulk food bins at Sprouts, Whole Foods, or a favorite local grocer that sells bulk items. See what speaks to you. As you browse among the bulk food bins you will see a variety of healthy snack options. This is a great way to get healthy, vital nutrients when a snack attack happens.
    • Banana chips, sugared ginger, currants, figs, and the like.
    • Okra, wasabi chickpeas, assorted nuts, etc.
  • Easy homemade roasted veggie chips

Brain Boosting Finger Foods to Help You Focus

Make these on a Sunday night to last you the whole week. Choose multi-compartment containers with locking lids to easily organize your grab and go munchies. Having a work from home snack assortment will keep you on track.

  • Deviled farm fresh eggs garnished with bacon on top
  • Easy serve cantaloupe with cottage cheese
  • Coconut chocolate protein balls
  • Salt roasted sweet potato wedges
  • Oatmeal blueberry muffins
  • Get your omega 3s with sardine avocado toast
  • Bacon-wrapped asparagus sticks
  • Satisfying falafel balls
  • Brain boosting salmon spread with rice crackers

A Word About Protein and Fat

In popular culture “fat-free”  and “diet” are all the rage. Yet nutritionists and dietitians remind us that we still need protein and fat. Our brain benefits from healthy varieties like those found in avocados, nuts, and fish.

The important thing about protein and fat is that they help us feel full and satiated for a very long time. When we incorporate healthy fats and proteins into our snack habits we avoid overeating and tend to lose weight.

Often when a “diet” food says “fat-free” it really just has more processed sugar.

Avoid Excessive Sugar and Simple Carbs

Sugary food and drink tend to make us hungrier, eat more, and gain weight. There is a litany of chronic diseases that stem from modern sugar addiction.

Any surge in energy from sugar is short-lived, we experience the eventual sugar crash a short time later.

If you must have something sweet, opt for items with honey, maple syrup, or even molasses. These natural sweeteners have a lower hypoglycemic effect.

The energy you get from honey tends to be more balanced, even, and long-lasting.

Both real maple syrup and molasses are loaded with minerals and nutrients. If you are going to have sugary items, balance out the meal with at least some form of protein.

Choose Organic and Local Small Farms

Organic, nutrient-dense foods are going to keep you focused, satiated, and feeling great. Look for local farmer’s markets, produce stands, and nearby farmers who utilize organic food practices.

We want to spend a little extra money and time to empower our bodies with the most authentic foods possible so we can live our best lives.

Cure the Work Munchies

Working from home has so many perks and getting to choose our snack foods is one of them. Cook & prepare snacks ahead of time so that during the workweek you are free to just focus on the tasks at hand.

You will find that you are more relaxed and at ease, even during stressful times, because your food needs are covered. The next time you are hit with a snack attack, choose some of these healthy options to power you through your day.

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