What Jobs Pay $100 an Hour

Top 10: What Jobs Pay $100 an Hour?

What jobs pay $100 an hour?

The answer may surprise you.

Many people think that only doctors and lawyers make this kind of money, but many other professions also enjoy the hefty salary.

In this blog post, we will explore what these careers are and what they entail.

Here’s the list:

  1. Life Coach
  2. Psychiatrist
  3. Commercial Pilot
  4. Underwater Welder
  5. Tattoo Artist
  6. Hand Model
  7. Political Speechwriter
  8. Freelance Photographer
  9. Copywriter
  10. Interior Designer

#1 – Life Coach

A life coach is an individual who coaches people to become self-sufficient and happy.

The job can be a fulfilling career for someone who has what it takes to make their clients feel empowered.

They work with entrepreneurs, executives, and other professionals.

Life coaches can make well over $100 an hour.

Some life coaches make $1,000+ an hour.

Life coaching is a growing profession in today’s world.

One of the many reasons is people are becoming more and more interested in what they’re passionate about and what will make them happy.

They help their clients figure out what makes them happy, what drives their passions, what skills they may have missed out on developing, or what has led to some negative behavioral patterns that need to be fixed.

Life coaches can also work with entrepreneurs who want to create a business or pursue their own career goals.

#2 – Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists work mainly in an office and see patients who suffer from mental health disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, psychosis, panic attacks, and other psychotic episodes.

They diagnose their patients with these disorders using what they know about the biological factors contributing to mental illness.

Psychiatrists use psychotherapy treatments, including cognitive-behavioral therapy or motivational interviewing, to help patients manage their symptoms better.

They also prescribe drugs or recommend traditional psychiatric hospitalization if necessary.

Psychiatrists can make over $100 an hour, depending on how many patients they see.

#3 – Commercial Pilot

What jobs pay $100 an hour - commercial pilot

Do you enjoy traveling and meeting new people regularly?

Becoming a commercial pilot is perfect for someone who enjoys these things.

As a commercial pilot, your primary responsibility is to safely operate the flight while accommodating passengers’ needs and requests.

You may need to assist with luggage handling, refueling, and loading baggage.

You will typically work in commercial airports and fly commercial airlines, like Delta or United Airlines.

Commercial pilots are governed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The best way for someone interested in becoming a commercial pilot to get started is by attending a flight school.

Many flight schools in the United States offer commercial pilot training programs.

You can also get experience and start working towards becoming a commercial pilot by getting a job as an air traffic controller, which will give you first-hand exposure to commercial aviation safety operations.

With enough experience, commercial pilots can make more than $100 an hour.

#4 – Underwater Welder

Underwater welders are effectively construction workers who work in aquatic environments.

They have the specialized skills to perform welding and other tasks underwater, including repairs of pipelines, cables, and structures that have been damaged by natural disasters, accidents, and marine life.

Underwater welders can perform their job duties in:

  • Offshore oil platforms when they need repair or replacement
  • The underwater portion of a bridge
  • Hydroelectric dams
  • Commercial and military diving operations

In these environments, underwater welders work with specialized equipment, including masks and breathing apparatuses.

They may also be called: underwater construction workers, underwater welders, or underwater maintenance technicians.

Underwater welders must be in excellent physical condition to carry out their duties underwater.

They also need training and certifications related to underwater welding, marine engineering, or underwater construction.

Underwater welders can earn $100 an hour.

#5 – Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artists work with the skin and ink to create tattoos.

They use tattoo machines (sometimes called tattoo guns) that inject pigment deep into the top layers of the skin.

A tattoo artist may be self-employed or employed by a company specializing in tattoos (called an “in-house” tattoo shop).

If the tattoo artists are working for themselves, they need to pay rent for their studio space and buy expensive equipment like needles from time to time.

This job typically requires artistic ability, so you must know how to draw well.

In tattoo shops, tattoo artists might work on a commission basis or be paid hourly.

The tattoo artist needs to have knowledge of different styles and colors and draw freehand without the aid of stencils.

A tattoo artist can also specialize in one area, such as portraits, animal tattoos, or other specific shapes like hearts.

Tattoo artists can $100 an hour but might not work a full workweek.

A tattoo artist might only work for a few hours a day on a client’s tattoo at a rate of $100 an hour.

#6 – Hand Model

A hand model is a person who works to promote products, like hand creams and lotions, using their hands.

They often have their hands photographed or filmed while using the product to create an interesting visual for viewers.

In many cases, this imagery may be used on packaging or as part of advertising materials promoting these items.

They can earn up to $100 per hour for modeling jobs. These jobs usually last less than two hours at a time.

#7 – Political Speechwriter

What jobs pay 100 an hour - political speechwriter

It has never been more critical for a political speechwriter to know political issues and write concisely in today’s political environment.

Speechwriters work with policy advisors and legislators, and their supervisors to help articulate an issue or position.

Political speechwriters can expect salaries that can range from $100 per hour at lower levels up to multi-six figures annually for top-level professionals.

A political speechwriter is responsible for crafting speeches on behalf of politicians and organizations such as law firms, corporations, and advocacy groups.

The job requires strong writing skills, experience working in politics or public affairs media relations, and familiarity with current events nationally and internationally.

It’s also necessary to be able to handle large volumes of information, think on one’s feet, and be able to meet deadlines.

A political speechwriter is expected to work with a team both in-person and remotely as they craft speeches for their clientele, including political leaders such as the president or prime minister.

#8 – Freelancer Photographer

A freelance photographer is someone who sells their photos to customers.

A freelance photographer can sell their work by contacting editors and freelance photo agencies such as Getty Images or Alamy.

They can also use freelance websites to find freelance photography jobs as a source of income.

Experience is an essential part of getting freelance photography work.

It would help if you showed the prospective clients that you have extensive experience in the field with a portfolio of your work.

Freelance photographers need to have a wide range of skills to succeed.

These include photography skills, but freelance photographers also need to be able to edit and retouch photos.

Freelance photographers also must be good at communicating with people to land gigs.

With enough skill and experience, freelance photographers can easily earn $100+ an hour.

#9 – Copywriter

A copywriter is responsible for writing copy that promotes a business’s products.

They write copy for advertisements, product descriptions, and all other promotional material to promote a company’s products.

Many copywriters specialize in different areas, such as copywriting for video scripts, copywriting for long copy materials, or copywriting for short copy materials.

A copywriter needs excellent writing skills.

In addition to writing skills, copywriters also need a general understanding of marketing and knowledge of a company’s products.

Once you become a professional in this industry with expertise, you will find work that allows you to earn $100 an hour.

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#10 – Interior Designer

Interior designers are in charge of designing, decorating, and building interior spaces.

Interior designers play with color, textures, shapes, and furniture, which is a fun job.

They also get to work one-on-one with clients and collaborate with architects and engineers.

Interior designers need to know about interior design, interior architecture, interior engineering, interior construction, and interior decoration.

They also need to be familiar with interior design software and various interior design trends.

Education requirements to become an interior designer vary depending on the location.

Some interior designers have a bachelor’s degree in interior design.

Interior designers who work at home and are self-employed may not need a degree at all.

With the right set of clients, interior designers can make $100+ an hour.

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