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What Is a Wall Mounted Desk Organizer & How to Use It

Desk space can come at a premium in a home office. While some homeowners are fortunate enough to have a large dedicated workspace, others have to turn a bedroom corner or a living room nook into a home office.

In many cases, this means a small, compact desk design is needed. These days few people use the old “L-shaped” and bulky corporate-style desks that once dominated offices, finished in rich wood tones and taking up most of the space in a room.

A sleek and compact desk, large enough for a slim laptop and a few small items but small enough to fit in a tiny space, is the more commonly used workspace in home offices today.

These desks come in a wide variety of colors and finishes that go well beyond the “boring wood” of yesterday: whether you prefer a metallic finish, a bright pop of color, or a simple black or white desk, there are choices for every style of décor and budget.

When the surface of your desk is small, you do have to make strategic design choices about office supplies. This is where a wall-mounted desk organizer comes in: these clever storage units keep clutter off your desk and make great use of your wall space instead.

What is a Wall Mounted Desk Organizer?

A wall mounted desk organizer takes the place of virtually every item you would normally find on a desk, outside of your computer and telephone. Think pencil and pen caddies, staplers and tape, scissors and staple removers, file folders, and more.

Everything that would normally sit on your desk surface can be mounted in wall storage instead, and it can be arranged attractively to enhance the overall style of your home office.

For many people, a home office is visible to the rest of your living spaces. If you are entertaining guests at a dinner party, and your workspace is visible from your dining table, the last thing you want to see is a desk cluttered with papers and files and miscellaneous supplies.

Mounting desk items on a wall unit in an attractive way is a great intersection between function and style and can clear up the desktop.

To DIY or Not to DIY

A wall mounted desktop organizer is available in a wide variety of ready-made units. For those who are particularly handy and crafty, you may be able to construct your own DIY desk organizer.

The type of desk organizer will depend on your specific needs out of a home office. For example, if you are traditional and prefer to keep paper files and file folders, you may need a large caddy for folders; however, if you have fully embraced the digital age, you may only need smaller compartments for items like pens and pencils, a calculator, scissors, tape, etc. You can also get a wall mounted mail organizer for the work space as well.

Readymade wall mount units

Additionally, think about whether your work requires special tools that would need oversized compartments in your wall organizer, such as an architect’s triangular scale.

Triangular scale

One of the most useful elements of any wall mounted desk organizer is a customizable calendar. A write-on-wipe-off surface (or even a traditional chalkboard) allows you to keep track of important meetings and deadlines, and you can also include space for a daily to-do list.

Customized calendar

More Tips for Designing Your Home Office

In addition to considering a wall mounted desk organizer for office storage, consider these tips as you design a workspace in a small area.

  1. Incorporate a plant or two to soften up the space. Office supplies can include so many hard textures that a live plant’s juxtaposition is needed to soften and brighten your workspace. In addition, succulents are easy and low-maintenance choices since they require little watering.
  2. Consider how your desk, wall mounted organizer, and other supplies blend with the rest of the décor in your home. A sleek, modern office may seem out of place if your primary décor theme is “farmhouse chic.” Instead, try to implement colors and textures that blend well with the rest of your rooms.
  3. Dedicate your workspace to work only, as much as possible. While it may be tempting to turn your home office into the “laundry sorting station” or the place where all of your kids’ sports equipment gets tossed, this can really hamper your productivity and efficiency.
  4. Consider the lighting in the space, and if possible, ensure you have a great amount of natural light. Where natural light is lacking, make sure you choose a desk lamp that gives you enough light to avoid straining your eyes.
  5. Don’t overdo it. Choose one or two great accessories for the space, such as a favorite painting or a framed family picture. Resist the urge to fill a workspace with tchotchkes that will ultimately distract you!
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