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Why You Should Use Pen and Paper in Addition to Tech

Now more than ever, people work from home. It can be a liberating experience to have your own space in which to work. Your home office with all of its components is an extension of your mind’s creative arsenal.

When arranging your desk, creating a space for your thoughts is invaluable. We tend to store all our thoughts on our phones, tablets, or computers, but never underestimate the power of the notepad.

The Notepad

There is something liberating about staring down at a piece of fresh blank paper. As we ponder what to write, the subtle grain and texture of the paper teases our fingers.

It invites us to make our mark. Even the fragrance of paper alerts our nose to new possibilities.

Unique satisfaction awaits when we begin writing something down, eventually handing it off, or even when we end up crumpling it up to toss it in the trash bin.

Rediscover the tactile pleasures of using fine paper. Choose a convenient, aesthetically pleasing notepad filled with quality paper. You want a weight, absorbency, and feel that is satisfying to write on.

Really, why not buy the best paper to express your ideas upon? Small pleasures like luxury class stationery, journals, and notepads can heighten the creative senses.

The Collaboration of Paper and Ink

There is something timeless and special about using classic pen and paper. They come together to create a form of unbound expression that is unparalleled, even by modern technology.

As we pick up our pen there is a subtle liberation within us. Our mind is free to wander, dream, and focus singularly as our pen dances across the paper. In this state of mind, the treasury of our subconscious is more likely to speak to us.

Conceptual thinking is magnified when we write things down. We activate the reticular activating system in the brain. In this way, we are much more likely to remember what we write.

On a side note, it is nice to give our eyes a rest, look away from your screen, and just write. Being able to scribble down a thought without having to turn the computer on is convenient too.

Choose Your Pen Wisely

The tool you use to capture your important thoughts and inspirations should be itself substantial. Take the time to find the perfect fit. In the long run, it’s worth the initial investment. Let’s explore some of the available writing utensils, shall we?

  • Gel – Preferred by many because of its consistent stream and ease of use. Gel pens often have rich, vibrant colors with a smooth transition between strokes. The only setback is that these pens are expensive and can be damaged by freezing weather.
  • Fountain & Quill – These traditional pens are an art form and are in a class by themselves. However, sometimes they are a challenge for users. These pens can leak, become bent out of shape, and do not always have a consistent line. These pens are more for the experienced pen connoisseur who knows just how to use them. It’s worth learning how though, as the finished written results are fine and exquisite. If you feel you’re up for the task, try this one with a brass finish. The nice thing about brass is that copper is present within this alloy. Copper is a naturally antimicrobial metal worth investing in. Feeling a bit romantic, then this one is for you.
  • Ballpoint – Convenient, common, and travels well. Most people are familiar with this type of pen. The ink is released when pressure is exerted upon the tip. Because of this, writing with a ballpoint pen for an extended period of time can cause hand fatigue. This pen is economical but does not always have an even flow or consistent line. Practical for most settings, but it may be a bit  lackluster.
  • Felt-tip – The go-to pen for artists. They do wear down over time, but oh they are a joy to use. From Sharpie to Micron, they are a bold, striking, colorful medium that excites the senses. The ink just goes where you want it to go.
  • Pencils – Mechanical or standard, we can’t leave out this writing implement. If you’re the tentative, perfectionist type, you can’t go wrong with having a set of quality pencils. Enjoy the rotary method and feel like splurging a bit? Try this one.  Though it won’t make things too easy for you to erase, this mechanical pencil comes clothed in antimicrobial brass. Want the best but you’re on a budget? We’ve got you covered – try this one.

Jot This Down…

The next time you go out to shop for office supplies, don’t hesitate to buy what speaks to you. The tools we use should give us pleasure, inspire us, and be a joy to own. Artistry adds to our work experience.

As a culture, we may find that quality over economy adds to our overall enjoyment of the things we use most often. Let’s return to and remember the classic triumph of good old fashioned paper and pen.

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