Will LinkedIn Show Who Viewed My Profile

Will LinkedIn Show Who Viewed My Profile?

In recent articles, we have been exploring all that LinkedIn has to offer. Today we will dive a little deeper and show you how to know who has viewed your profile on LinkedIn. Plus we’ll take a look at how to optimize your profile for maximum impact and increase your views.

LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the top professional networking and career management sites globally. This is because, within the site, you can connect with colleagues, find jobs, and easily network within your industry. This makes going online to find a job a smart move.

In fact, over the last couple of years, companies have increasingly searched for and recruited employees directly from web-based job platforms.

As a professional looking to expand your career horizons, knowing which companies are interested in your particular set of skills can be a game-changer. LinkedIn allows you to do just that. You can see all the people who have stopped by to view your profile. Through its Who Viewed Your Profile feature, LinkedIn will show you the kind of traffic you’re getting.

Once you know who has viewed your profile, LinkedIn also allows you to contact those same individuals. This can sometimes lead to new connections. Thus, opening up more professional opportunities for you.

Similarly, when you view someone else’s profile on the platform, they can easily see that you visited them. The other person knows that you viewed their profile and in return, may be motivated to contact you.

Exploring the “Who Viewed My Profile” Feature

If you have been using LinkedIn, you’ve probably come across the Who Viewed My Profile option. It’s conveniently located under the Me tab and is within your profile. It will be the first item listed under your Dashboard. However, if you have not been active on LinkedIn, nor updated your profile, you may not have any views yet.


Will LinkedIn Show Who Viewed My Profile?

If you do indeed have views, once you click on the link, you will be redirected to a results page. Here a list of users will be displayed. These are those people who have recently viewed your profile. As you click through the Who Viewed My Profile results page, take the opportunity to investigate these profiles. You can get in touch and build connections this way.

You can also access the Who Viewed My Profile option by clicking on the Home tab and looking under your profile photo. Keep in mind that you might not be able to find the option there if your profile hasn’t been viewed for the last 90 days. Moreover, users who viewed your profile are only visible in the list for 90 days, after which they disappear.

Basic Versus a LinkedIn Premium Account

LinkedIn offers two tiers of membership for its community of professionals, basic and premium. As the name suggests, basic membership is where you get an account for free and can access only the essential features. On the other hand, a LinkedIn premium account allows you to access a plethora of advanced features.

Whether you are using a free LinkedIn account or a premium one, your membership status will determine how you see your profile views. Generally, with a basic account, you can only see five of the most recent profile views. To remedy this, you may want to check your account weekly, if you are only using a basic account. In this way, you will regularly keep up with who views your account.

Additionally, you might also have some limitations on who you can message directly. Restrictions will also be applied to the kind of information you can access. You can only view their profession, location, and job title(s).

Alternatively, if you have a premium account, you can see all your profile views for the last 90 days and contact any of these individuals without limitation.

Moreover, you will get comprehensive insights about your profile views, far beyond what the basic account offers. With a premium account, LinkedIn also provides you with weekly updates outlining your profile viewership. This includes a graph highlighting your weekly viewer trends.

This can be very helpful if you are a marketer, entrepreneur, or professional who wants to expand your network aggressively. Furthermore, if you are on the hunt for a job, knowing who has viewed your profile on LinkedIn can show how well you’re doing overall.

Can You Browse Profiles Anonymously?

We have already established that you can see who viewed your LinkedIn profile. Similarly, viewers of your profile will also see that you have checked out their profiles. Now, you might be wondering if it’s possible to browse other user profiles anonymously. By default, LinkedIn profile browsing isn’t anonymous.

The good news is, you have the option to browse profiles as an anonymous LinkedIn member whether you have a basic or premium account. This anonymity comes with a catch though. While in Private Mode, you will not be able to see who visited your account. Their information will be hidden from you.

To easily remedy this, you will simply want to change your privacy settings, once you are finished viewing other accounts anonymously.

Here are just a few of the benefits of browsing anonymously:

  • The ability to politely look at other profiles online, even those of competitors, without announcing or making your presence known
  • Compare your profile with that of other professionals in your industry by gathering insights and strategies to improve your profile, unobtrusively

How to Activate Anonymous Profile Browsing

Before you go forward and activate private profile browsing, you should know that the user whose profile you are viewing will still be notified that someone visited their profile. However, they won’t see who did so specifically.

Here’s how to activate private browsing on LinkedIn:

  • Go to the Me button on top of your LinkedIn homepage and click it
  • On the drop-down menu, click the Settings & Privacy option
  • Select the Visibility tab on the left side of the page
  • Choose the Visibility of Your Profile and Network option
  • Click the Profile Viewing Options button
  • A drop-down page will appear. Pick what information you want others to see about you when you view their profile. You can choose to hide only your name and headline, your private profile characteristics, or you can opt to go for a fully private profile
  • Once you make your selection, a Saved message will temporarily appear next to your choice


Will LinkedIn Show Who Viewed My Profile?

Tips for Increasing Your LinkedIn Profile Views

The more views your LinkedIn profile attracts, the more professional connections you are bound to make. This means that opportunities are more likely to come your way.

Here are some tips for increasing your profile views:

1. Create an Outstanding Headline

Your headline plays a critical role in determining whether or not another LinkedIn user will click on your profile. Most of the time, this is the biggest opportunity you have to make a lasting first impression on another user. If you create an impressive headline for your profile, you will be able to incite curiosity and action from those who come across it and thus get more views. For more information check out this video.

2. Have an Aesthetically Pleasing Professional Photo

As the old saying goes, a photo is worth a thousand words. Having a great smile and vibrant appearance in your profile picture communicates that you are the right candidate for the job. You may even want to invest in professional photography to brighten your online image and promote your personal brand.

3. Join a Group and Be an Active Member

If you are looking to increase your LinkedIn profile views, you definitely want to join a variety of groups. You should not only join the groups whose members are colleagues and friends, but also those that represent your ambitions and interests. For instance, if you are a marketer, you might want to get into a group for local business owners. If you are a corporate lawyer, it would be excellent for you to join a group for business executives. So on and so forth. Active LinkedIn members have more people view their profile page than non-active. You also want to start having a conversation with people (their responses will come up in your notifications).

4. Purchase a Premium Membership

Does LinkedIn have a premium membership? It sure does! The perks that come with a premium LinkedIn membership make it easy for you to boost your profile views. This includes the weekly insights, which detail industry trends on the platform, making it easier to land clients. Such insights will inform you of the subjects and opinions you need to be sharing in order to get the most visibility for your profile. Moreover, you will be able to freely reach out to other users and form connections. This will generate interest in your profile.

5. Utilize Keywords

As you write blogs and posts for your LinkedIn homepage, make sure you subtly utilize keywords to expand the reach of your content. These keywords should reflect your professional skills and career goals. Moreover, try to emphasize your areas of interest throughout your profile. The free version allows you to visit someone’s profile page which gives you helpful information to add more leads for your business.

6. Acquire Recommendations from Your Peers

Having recommendations on your profile acts as social proof and legitimizes your profile. Users who come across your profile will likely click on it if it has good recommendations. Social proof will also improve your profile’s ranking on LinkedIn. LinkedIn shows job seekers and your profile viewers your peer recommendation so they are aware of your skills.

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Bottom Line

The Who Viewed My Profile feature will show you how your profile is doing and is a great way to make connections on LinkedIn. These connections will do wonders for your business life – way more than connections on other social networks.

Understanding all the various ways that LinkedIn empowers you in the job market is the key to your online career-hunting success. There are more opportunities online than ever before, especially for remote work. Get to know your analytics section as well.

Check back here often for new updates and insights about how to master the online landscape. In today’s digital world, your next amazing job opportunity is likely just a click away.

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