Work From Home Jobs With Benefits

Top 4 Work From Home Jobs With Benefits

Increasingly many of us want to work from home, and we want substantial benefits, to boot. Finding work from home jobs with benefits can be a challenge, though. It’s one thing to have a work from home job and another to land one with an included benefits package.

With this in mind, choosing the right career can make all the difference. Today at The Desired Desk, we’re going to outline four different professions from an array of industries.

These are some of the most versatile work from home jobs with benefits one can find. Not only that, but they can provide the best potential to make a great living.

What Perks Accompany Work From Home Jobs With Benefits?

Employee benefits packages vary by company and career. By and large, most jobs include what we call the “standard package”. They provide health insurance, dental, vision, PTO, life insurance, and hopefully a nice 401k contribution.

Additionally, some employers go above and beyond. They offer things like bonuses, commissions, wellness programs, reimbursements for hardware, telecommuting equipment, a gym membership, tuition assistance, and even…

…the elusive retirement pension plan.

However, keep in mind that employee benefits packages will vary based upon the company, job title, and region.

If you want to have flexibility within your field, then consider our top picks outlined below. These jobs are handpicked just for you. Without a doubt, they provide a lot of freedom and high rewards. 

With these amazing jobs, working from home is where it’s at!

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Computer Programmer

Being a computer geek is all the rage in 2021. In fact, programmers are needed in nearly every sector of business. This is because programmers write the code that makes systems, programs, and apps work for efficient business processes. They even write code for virtual reality immersive technologies!

Basically, programmers are responsible for the interactive interface that we experience as we navigate our computers and smart devices.

Programmers are lords of the computer landscape. You can make an excellent living as one. The pay is substantial, and there will always be work. You can code from anywhere too: the beach, your local pub, and even your home office if you want.

So long as you have a laptop, Wi-Fi connection, and a triple caramel coconut latte, you’re all set. Programming skills can also make other job pursuits more lucrative for you. 

You can combine multiple skill-sets. Meaning, if you apply for other jobs, employers are more likely to hire candidates that also have programming skills. So mix and match!

Expertise Required: Many are self-taught, passionate about their craft, and are dedicated to continued learning. Sometimes an associate’s or bachelor’s degree is preferred, but not always required.

Salary Range: Pay starts around $52k, and then the sky’s the limit… even up to $150k+

Now Hiring! Click here to find available jobs. Big company jobs that usually have openings: Amazon, Drop-Box, T-Mobile, Apple, and IBM.

HR Generalist

Also known as a human capital strategic specialist or HR business partner.

Regardless of the title, this job is all about providing an outstanding employee experience.  For this reason, you will be responsible for everything from compensation, new hire, and workers comp to employee relations, employee training, and leaves of absence.

It should be noted, this job is demanding, fast-paced, and entirely worthwhile. Therefore, if you are good with people and a great communicator, consider a job in HR. You’ll likely get a company phone as well.

Expertise Required: A bachelor’s degree in psychology, human resources, business management, business administration, and/or equivalent experience is often required.

Salary Range: $70k – $120k

Now Hiring! Click here to find HR jobs in your area. Big company jobs that are likely to always have openings: Amazon, L’ Oreal, Pearson Education

Telephone Triage Nurse

Work From Home Jobs With Benefits

This is a very rewarding work from home job with benefits because it enables you to help others. Typically an on-call triage nurse is available to take calls and answer questions for both call-in patients and support staff.

Additionally, employee benefits may include a company phone, additional on-call pay, weekend differential, and other work from home accommodations.

Expertise Required: 2 – 4 years of training, licensure required

RN Salary Range: $59k – $95k, with a median of $76,000 per year

Now Hiring! Click here to search for jobs in your area.


This article also has a variety of ideas for your consideration. Places that are always hiring include: Any hospital, medical group, or patient care facility.

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Sales Representative

This field provides one of the most lucrative opportunities to make a lot of money. Plus, it’s one of the best work from home jobs, with benefits, out on the market today.

With this job, you can have it all. If you are good with people, have strong communication skills, and are highly motivated, this may be the career for you. The nice thing about this job is you can do it from anywhere.

As a bonus, your expertise and knowledge go with you and make you employable with nearly anyone.

Expertise Required: High school or equivalent. Experience in sales preferred. One of the best entry-level jobs available!

Salary Range: $40k – $125k per year or more

Now Hiring! Click here to find a job. Big company jobs include: ADT Security, Apple, Liberty Mutual Insurance, AT&T, and Sherwin-Williams, ADP, and Autodesk to name a few.

Thrive at Home

No matter what your talents are, there is a work from home job with benefits that is ideally suited to your personality. Now more than ever, employees have considerable career options.

This is because companies are making accommodations that facilitate a thriving work from home office.

Lastly, the key is finding the job that enables you to be the best version of yourself. Pick the career that allows you to do the things you enjoy most. It can make all the difference. 

Happy hunting, friends. You got this!

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